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General Information

Before even starting pony hypnosis, please read over everything in this thread here. After doing that, really think over it all and be 100% sure you know what you're getting into. Hypnosis is not a toy nor a game. We want ponies to enjoy these files, but we also want them to be aware. All these warnings and disclaimers may be scary, but they're here for a few reasons. They're here to make you aware of what you're getting into. Also to make sure you go about pony hypnosis in the safest way possible. I want to give a quick thank you to Star Shard for coming up with the idea for this new style. I also want to give a quick thank you to Bright Star for coming up with the format of the download section of this thread.

Emotional Kernel Panic Warning

EKP, which is short for Emotional Kernel Panic, is something very serious and not to be taken lightly. It's when the effects of one hypnosis file attempt to overwrite another hypnosis file, causing an identity crisis or crisis of desire. It can be anywhere from annoying, to painfully mind wrenching. It's avoided by not switching between files. You are however free to use two different files of the same pony. So for example you could use version 2.0 and version 3.0 of this file without any trouble. So in short, do NOT use two different pony hypnosis files unless they are the same pony, but different versions. If you really must switch files for whatever reason, you can, but only if you use the "Pony TF RESET" file. It can be found under the support files here. Just be sure to use it multiple times before starting up a new file. Also be aware that there have been reports of ponies getting EKP even after resetting. So it's better to really think through your choice of which pony you want to use and stick with them.

File Description

This file's purpose is to transform the listener into the Indiana Jones-esque pegasus known as Daring Do. The "core file" uses binaural beats, background music, and ambience to enhance the presented environment and bring the listener into a state of trance. Derivatives of the core file are also available for those interested in such. It is highly recommended that you use the reset support file, if you are actively listening to another character file and want to transition. EKP (Emotional Kernel Panic) is a very real danger that should be taken seriously.

Side effects of listening to this file include, but are not limited to:

  • Change in personality, attitude, and a gravitation towards solitude
  • Acquiring new interests such as writing stories
  • Feeling phantom limbs, such as a tail or pony ears
  • Altered perception of your species
  • Identifying with the opposite gender

1.01 - SBCMC

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