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The contents of these files are intended to turn you into a pegasus or cirrostrati pegasus, but only contains suggestions to give you the body of a pegasus without any suggestions for specific colours of hairstyles. Nor do these contain any suggestions influencing personality or characterisations. Meaning that they are safe to be used by those that want to become a pegasus of their own choice. Be it a OC, True self or pre-existing character. Even those with already their own files can use these for variation of, or a booster for their own files. Obviously these files are not intended for other kinds of ponies. So to avoid EKP or other problems. Don’t use these if you are a unicorn, earth pony etc.

What is a cirrostrati pegasus? It’s a race mentioned in the official Daring Doo books that lives in the city of clouds. They have bunny like ears and 3 lines below on of their eyes.

Hypnosis is not a toy nor a game. be 100% sure you know what you're getting into. We want ponies to enjoy these files, but we also want them to be aware. All these warnings and disclaimers may be scary, but they're here for a few reasons. They're here to make you aware of what you're getting into and to make sure you go about pony hypnosis in the safest way possible.

Each file is available as a loop track, a version with and without sound effects, or background music.

Thanks to RDash for being awesome as usual and once again Silvermoon for voicing the file. This file would not exist without you two.

Generic Pegasus Mare (v2)

Generic Pegasus Stallion (v2)

Generic Pegasus Mare (v4)

Generic Pegasus Stallion (v4)

Generic Cirrostrati Mare (v4)

Generic Cirrostrati Stallion (v4)

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