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Reset Files

This list contain the files that removes the effects of pony hypnosis.

When switching between ponies it is also necessary to use these files. This helps to ensure no EKP clashes occur between the two characters and helps preventing habitual overlap (picturing the old colours instead of the new ones out of habit).

Resetting is needed when you switch between characters and pony races. (E.g. from Applejack to Rarity or Unicorn to Pegasus).

But not between file versions for the same ponies. Before using a generic or experience file (As long these are for the proper race). Or other hypnosis files unrelated to transformation or ponies.

Its advised to take the time to reset. Generally it should take a week or two. Though depending on how different the two characters are, the strength of the achieved effects and your suggestibility, shorter or longer times may be more fitting. Use at your own discretion.

Pony Hypnosis Total Reset - Voiced by Vairaki

PROM Flasher: PONY TF RESET - Voiced by Belgerum

General TF Reset Recordings (From outside HypnoPonies: Not Recommended)

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