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  2. This sounds rather interesting. Would you mind explaining some of this further? I'm not sure I would call myself an empath yet, but I'm greatly attuned to emotions and energy. This is the video that started it all for me, it sounds like you're attempting to access parts of the same discipline, albeit under a different name. Though to be fair, I wouldn't mind referring to it as Alicorn or Unicorn magic... You want to ground and center your energy, and meditate. Breathe fully, and be mindful in all things. Feel the energy coursing through your body, and cleanse yourself of tension and negative energy. With willpower and conviction, you can accomplish many things, especially strength or weight. Part of it may just be reaching my full potential, I don't know. But there's definitely something spiritual about it.
  3. So many fanfictions I wanted to mention were mentioned already.... I'll just stick to my wheelhouse. Fallout: Equestria is the single best fanfiction I have ever read, but that's an unfair comparison because I think it'd put up a fight when put up against Lord of the Rings. (I mean, it'd lose, but it's in the same arena at least.) Why? To say what I've said so many times to pony fans, it takes the sugary morals of friendship seen in FiM and applies them to the acid test that is the grim styling of Fallout. And they pass with flying colors. There's so much more to it, but I could literally go on for hours and I doubt you'd want to read it. If you do, poke me on Discord! I'd love to share. The ones that haven't been mentioned yet? Well, one is a Fallout Equestria side story, but the rest of them aren't So first is I Forgot I Was There, in which Twilight successfully duplicates herself. And then has to deal with the consequences. The ending was poor, but the way it deals with questions of identity and the practical matters of there being two of you makes a good ride. The rest of my suggestions are all by the same author. Fragments, Without A Hive, and A New Way are all part of the same continuity with the first and second coming together at the end of their stories and the third being a sequel to both. Written prior to the recent changeling change, broadly speaking the series is about changelings! Fragments is about a changeling waking up post-Canterlot Wedding outside Ponyville. A common idea, but the twist is that he wakes up in pony form and has amnesia. Without A Hive starts decades earlier with a changeling infiltrator-in-training getting stranded alone in pony society without a way back to their hive. So they try suriving, without going native. The first one was a good first story. The second one was a huge leap ahead and is the story I most strongly recommend to someone who has no interest in Fallout Equestria. (Even more than Hard Reset.) A New Way... I don't want to say much about for fear of ruining things. But if you like one and two, you'll want to read it. Even if it's not quite as good as Without A Hive. And lastly, by the same author, Fallout Equestria: The Chrysalis. This guy really likes changelings. Separate from the previous series' contnuity, this story involves a changeling waking up from cryo status (note: this was written to Fallout 4's release) into a land without love and struggling to survive while trying to find any remnants of their hive. The characters in this one are easily the highlight, and I don't want to spoil the supporting cast or what happens in it, but the interpersonal relationships are layered onto everything that made the original Fallout: Equestria so good to make an absolutely amazing read. I can't endorse this one enough to any F:E fans.
  4. So hi, I'm re-new here. I use to come around here a bit. It's been years though, and what originally brought me here also brought me back. Namely that, while I have little interest in being a pony directly, I love the concept of Harmony itself. And after typing this whole post I’ve realize there’s a lot you may not be interested in. This first section has a lot to do with me and how I got here. So if you’re not interested in that, feel free to skip down to my discussion of Harmony itself, I've noted where to skip to. The guiding principles of Harmony are something I find particularly beautiful, but it took me awhile to get there. Partly because I had to go through a lot before they were introduced to me. I grew up as a Christian, and while I see a lot of value in their values I find it hard to ignore the sorts of things some do in the name of those values. Not to mention there's so much in the Bible that contradicts itself and even Christianity's values. I was driven away from it when, over the course of a week, I sat down to read the New Testament and only made partway through Acts before I got too upset to continue. I went from there to look at other religions. Buddhism appeals, but I dislike the concept of distancing one's self from desire to avoid suffering. Desire and suffering are part of what make us who we are. To take it away seems to be denying one's self. I'm not advocating for pain or greed as positive forces mind you, but desire drives us forward and facing challenges in an attempt to achieve those desires often defines us. So while a lot of Buddhism appealed, it's very core concept put me off. Wicca and paganism was also a good fit, but it seemed so lose. Again it's general concepts were appealing, but this time it didn't have a core foundation. Plus, most of the writings about are focused on magic. Which I have experimented with and find fascinating, but don't find it helps what I'm really looking for. Namely, spiritual guidance. Then, finally, came Friendship is Magic. At first it was just a show that I enjoyed, but as I dug more into the idea behind Harmony, very much encouraged by Fallout Equestria's exploration of it's themes and morals in a more "realistic" setting, I found a lot of the guidance I felt I lacked. Unlike Wicca and paganism, it had a core to it, a core that wasn't about focusing on perfecting yourself for your own enlightenment like Buddhism seemed to me, it was about bettering yourself so you can better give to others. And then... I couldn't talk to anyone about this. Forming your spirituality around a kids show? Sure, Jedism is a thing, but even it's ridiculed with a lot more followers than, you know, me. So I'm drawn back here, looking for like-minded people to discuss this sort of thing with. This forum seems more focused on magical aspects than spirituality, much like the Wicca books. But here I can actually talk back and hopefully find others interested in similar ideas. If you skipped ahead, this is probably what you’re looking for. For those who skipped ahead, what I like about the concept of Harmony is that it’s about bettering yourself so you can better help those around you. And this is right in it’s core tenants. Which I define as the following. (Quick note, in the season 3 finale Celestia lists off a different set of names for the Elements and in most cases I find those better names so I use them. In one case, I use a term Fallout Equestria equates an Element to.) Integrity, usually called Honesty in the show, is the foundation on which the other elements are built. In order to better yourself, you have to be willing to accept the hard truths about yourself, face those dark things and not hide from them or cover them up. And in order to help others, they have to believe you have their best interests at heart. We can’t read each other’s minds, we can only guess. Building trust with someone is the first step to helping them. Joy, usually Luaghter, is Integrity’s counterbalance. Integrity is generally a very somber trait, what with facing hard truths and keeping your word even when circumstances make it difficult. That alone can wear down a person. Joy is about remembering that life isn't just about that. There’s plenty of good times to be had and they should be embraced just as much. A little levity can keep you sane in hard times, and the fun times bring people together. Just as a little note, Joy isn't about gratification, those quick little highs that make you feel good briefly. It's about that deep down satisfaction you feel in certain moments. Sometimes it’s when you achieve something yourself, like graduating college say, or celebrating someone else’s acheivements. Sometimes it's just the satisfaction that comes from spending with those that care about you. Compassion, called Kindness, is about being able to put aside your own perceptions to really understand how another is thinking and feeling. (Here I should admit that this is one of the cheif ones I struggle with.) To really understand those around you, to really help them, you have to be able to set aside yourself when it’s appropriate. As the show has show, this doesn't mean coddling. Sometimes, to help you have to do something you don't like, and something they won't like, because you know it’s what they need. Even your own family will need this sometimes. Loyalty is Compassion’s counterbalance. Understanding and caring for all is important, but no one person can care for the world. You often have to prioritize, and sticking to those close to you is key. Strangers need help, and of course we should give it, but friends and family come first. This also includes a bit of wariness toward strangers. It’s important to remember that not everyone has Harmony as a goal. Even Equestria had it’s self-interest scoundrals. Protecting yourself and your loved ones is a healthy attitude, and is often necessary. Such is the nature of free will. Generosity is, of course, about giving to others. Some have talked about it not really being generous if it’s not somehow painful, if it required no sacrifice on your part. While I see where they’re coming from, I strongly disagree. A truely generous gesture is certainly about putting in the time, thoughtfulness, and resources to give something meaningful, but just because you lost little or nothing in return doesn’t mean it’s not generous. And associating harm with an Element is something I would stay away from. Really, I think the element of Generosity is a reminder of what you’re doing all this for. As you look to improve yourself, remember that it’s not about yourself. It’s about making the work better. So those who say it’s about sacrifice have their point here. Don't drop your loose change in the charity bucket and call it a day. Do something meaningful for someone you know. Lastly is Magic. And here I have to admit… I’m stumped. I’ve been at this do years and I’m not sure how to fit this one in. The one thing I’m confident on is that it’s not about the empherial forces discussed often on this form or in Wicca, if it involves it at all. Celestia uses the word Leadership to refer to it but I’m hesitant to embrace that. I'm not so sure that everyone can be a leader, and I don't think that’s a bad thing. Plus, if someone is a poor leader are they then failing to be truely Harmonious? I re all don’t like that concept… Regardless… what do you all think? Not just of what Magic is as it relates to Harmony (though I would certainly appreciate input), but about all the Elements, what they mean to you, and how you use them in your lives.
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  6. So, I was here a long time ago and just had renewed interest. Just stopping in to say hi and that I've returned before heading off to the forums relevant to what I'm interested in (tulpa and spirituality, to be specific). I'm never really sure what to say to introduce myself. You'll learn best from interacting with me I think. I do tend to be harsh sometimes, and for that I appologize. But it's never because I'm mean spirited. It's usually because I can see how something can improve and care enough to want it to... and then do very poorly at expressing that. ^^;
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  8. boops ARandomBrony by dumping blueberries all over them
  9. *Boops Izumi with a can of whipped cream*
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  14. Interesting, though I can't give you an answer.
  15. Boops shiron with a mouse riding a computer mouse for the lack of booping the pony immediately above them
  16. How grimdark does it get? I started reading it but the million word plus count was kind of offputting...there is only one series I actively follow that's broken that limit and even then only because I started it when it was only a few hundred thousand words...If it ends up being not-grimdark I may give it a try again...
  17. There was that one time in League of Legends where I got dived through two turrets by the entire enemy team and managed to kill two by using Kennen ult to stun them all...I was so salty because the others were at like no health by the end.
  18. *Boops Izumi with the most boringly mundane boop that has ever been booped in the history of boopage*
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  20. I propose a game where we describe a book, movie/TV Show, or video game, as poorly as you can and other ponies need to guess it with the given information. I'll start. Annoying brat wants to be the strongest mage in his village. One problem, he's got literal inner demons to overcome and a crazy cult wants to suck out his soul to take over the world....
  21. Ok, I have already mentioned some of this in the Q&A. But I'll say it again. For past severel days I was trying out the Pony ears file. There was slight success, but not very big for now. To this day, it's always the same... All I get is some tickling and tingling in the place where Pony ears should be, but that's it. After the file ends, it's gone. If I say the trigger, sometimes I can feel a little bit of pressure, but it's gone after few moments too. But one day, something interesting happened. I was just listening to the file, it was about to end but suddenly, my mind or subconsciousness started to do it's own thing. It stopped focusing on the ears and it started trying to create a base for a whole pony head and for a moment, it also focused on the hooves. Which is weird. I'm not sure what happened and why. I didn't know this was possible, especially when my problem is that I can't go into trance deep enough (or atleast I feel like it). Or is it just that, that caused this? Does anypony know what exactly happened and what does it mean? --- Oh, I should also mention that when it focused on the head, it didn't feel like it changed/transformed my head... more like it built around it...kinda like it was second head around my head... it didn't really do anything, I just felt that the focus went there, imagining the head and the hooves.
  22. Ok, this entry is more of introduction to this journal. I'm not sure how often I'll post here. I'm pretty shy and sometimes it takes time for me to write something.... Like I have something to say, but it just takes time before I can finally write it down and then click on the post button. I'll talk about my experiences with hypnosis and if I feel like it, I might even talk about how my days are like and what interesting things happened. For now, I'm just using the pony ears file, but I'm slowly preparing to try out the Pinkie Pie file. Well then, let's get to Entry #1
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  24. PegaTwi sounds interesting, Good luck with that, I wish to read more on your progress!
  25. You've gotten pretty good.
  26. Heading out to move soon, Be around when we can!

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    Hi! Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I did a session! Well... hmm... I think maybe most of the effects happened after the session itself? Because I was kinda sad while I was listening to it... I'm okay now though! I kinnndaa felt hooflock during the file, just a tensy wensy bit. That's really all! Don't forget to smile c:
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