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  3. Heading out to move soon, Be around when we can!

  4. Gonna have some hot stuff baby this evenin'~

  5. Took a few hours, but I've made up some new banners and implemented a new group system. Your group is now tied to your content count.

  6. Commissions! See Link for details.


  7. Currently working on a lot of updates to the forum. You'll be seeing new things added and changed over the next few days~

  8. I am practically convinced that fire is being played with in the discord server. 

    I don't want to see people but I want to help them with a passion.

    But Alas, I can not change the truth of the Magick they refuse to see.

    How a Servitor is Made.


    How a Tulpa is made.


    Study the difference wisely. Know what a Possession is.


    I have done my part now I can only hope people will be wise.

    1. shadow_fox7777


      "I don't want to see people hurt."

  9. Today, I have made great progress with my tulpa. This process has given me another tulpa, which I created (or found, I cannot differentiate it yet. Her name is Tip and we have been discussing on how she wishes to look like. As for my main tulpa, Jakob, I can feel him getting closer and closer. I have been passively forcing him for about eight hours now. I am going to begin vocally forcing him and meditating again. Hopefully he will find his way back to me soon. :3

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  11. It bothers me the banned has such low res pones.

    1. Amber Streak

      Amber Streak

      Yeah, it's something that needs to be replaced. I need to make something to replace it still, heh.

    2. Star Shard

      Star Shard

      Its becouse its the banner from the old forums. Which has a different size than the new one. So it was stretched out to fit better. 


  12. Its been so long... what happened to the chat panel? 

    1. KrazyDashie


      you mean the old website chat? that' has been moved to discord actually..

    2. Bright Star

      Bright Star

      I.P. Boards no longer has a Chat app. To avoid confusion, the chat function has been disabled. Please visit our Discord link on the homepage for your chatty needs~

    3. shadow_fox7777


      Everyone is is on the #Hypnoponies Chat Server. Things well to say the least have been rather interesting to me since before I arrived to this place.

  13. If you want to know more about me I'm open to pm's I would be glad to meet other members more personally on the site and on Discord. I'm also willing to exchange information about magick and my point of view on the subjects as well.

    1. shadowheart666


      super taco attack!!!

    2. shadow_fox7777


      Ohhh really *Counters with Undertale Toriel Pie*

  14. Hey everyone,


    Sorry for the long time.....


    Its not going to be a long status update today..


    Our bunny has passed away. We brought him to the vet to put him down.


    He was laying on the ground the whole day and he was unable to walk or crawl to get food or water.


    He was 5 years old and he was the sweetest bunny ive ever had.


    Im really going to miss him.


    And i passed the theory test for my drivers licence, now i need to wait 10 weeks before i can do the practical exam. And when i passed that one, then i got my drivers licence.


    Thanks for reading.

    1. BxcomingPxpular


      I'm glad to hear about your licence, dear, but I really am sorry to hear about your bunny...

  15. Suffering at some game design camp thing that I really shouldn't have decided to do. It's not even been a day and I already hate it.

  16. Hey everyone,


    First... Im very sorry that i haven't been online.for such a long time.


    I have some problems in my life which I'm trying to solve and I have problems with my parents.

    I won't be online very much in the coming weeks, maybe months.


    Also my bunny became even more sick and I don't know if he is going to be around much longer.


    I will do my best to keep you updated.


    You can also find me on the discord server.

  17. Howdy, y'all. Does changing to a Pony feel euphoric to y'all? It does for me. It's the best feeling in the world to me. Don't know about y'all.

    1. Brain


      I feel their drives or mindsets and its like a general positive reinforcement I guess but not at the euphoric level for me. Its like my subconscious patterns become slowly more like whomever's file I was using. For being a pony specifically I enjoy the tail and mane especially and I do feel different and positive reinforcement but not euphoric for me, then again I was going um anthro more than pony pony. And because of the personality changes it brings on other conflicts hence 'personality' like when I was Flutters I was too shy to speak up, it was a struggle. Being a pony itself when I did get pony rather than anthro was neat n stuff, and I felt very nice when I made myself celestia's horn, but I wouldn't call it euphoric.

      Only time I felt euphoria was when I had dreampt when I was 8 about being mew and flying around super fast glowing all sorts of colors and it was fun. Mew can learn anything, and I always liked abilities in games, due to megaman stealing abilities from bosses and such, etc, so mew was a neat idea to my brain, and raised a certain type of christian and as a twin I would discuss dreams with my brother as young as 4. So my memory was good, and I recall dreaming of being jealous of adults/god in a sorta vague way, like I was being put back into a toddler safe area, and I wanted to be with people. I had this odd jealousy, this envy, of the colors in the sky. Then I dreampt I was sent over mountains, being lifted up probably out of my crib or something. So, my mindset has for whatever reason, always been more capability oriented. In school I got good grades, and I think literally anything can be understood.


      Mew was awesome to me, he could learn transform, and any 3 other moves with TMs pokemon gen 1. I always wanted Mew, not figuring out how to do it til youtube vids many years later, and never trying to find mew, when I played pokemon I was simply playing pokemon. 


      I think thats the only way to be truely euphoric, tap into my inner child, and be capable of anything, because it speaks volumes about my mind, freedom to do anything, not just freedom to have an OC and shitty limited specialized magic and being 'normal' for others. People who do not desire more ability are basically illogical individuals. 


      Its like, if you had the choice to become an alicorn, which you do, who would decline? People would decline because its not popular or they think a wing or horn gets in the way. But you can always do magic,to solve that second problem, and the first problem is peer pressure technically, so why care.


      Then for exercising my creativity for my OC people call it a mary sue. Even if the OC doesn't get what they want and has personality problems, for simply being more capable they are insulted. For having the gall, to not be a simpleton.


      Thats what I associate with ponies, so it cannot trigger euphoria for me, but I can see how it triggers euphoria for others. Well, that and psychological problems after and unrelated to the Mew thing.


      For me to get euphoria from ponies, I need to not care what others think about my OC, its not a popularity contest, and I need to stop having any kind of inferiority complex in regards to my OC, without compensation to come over it that'd make my personality dependent on certain worthless repetitive activities.


      Then, I need to think of it differently, like not an OC, but a type of freedom like I associated with Mew. Then I could feel euphoria from being a free pony.

  18. It's soon to become the eleventh hour.

  19. Hey, y'all. Hope you're doing well. 


    I've noticed that the spots where my Pony ears usually are have been getting rather itchy, and every time I scratch those spots, I trigger a transformation. It's kinda fun and funny sometimes. Lol. This  "being a pony" thing is awesome.

  20. "Every bad thing that happens.
    Every good thing that happens.

    Without others, is meaningless.
    Without friends, those who I love, those who love me.


    Even though they leave, and hurt me, they're worth it.

    And I need my friends."

    -- Excerpt from a conversation with Crystal, my best friend. --


    "And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.1 Corinthians 13:2 (ESV)


    Think Deep.591e2a02cd6a7_thinkdeep.thumb.jpg

    1. Brain


      How about shitting? Should I shit and let other people watch?

  21. dang, I thought I had an hour free to listen to my favorite file, but I got invited to something... well, anticipation will make it sweeter...

    1. RdCd [Dashie]

      RdCd [Dashie]

      Ahhw... That always sucks when you want to listen to a file but suddenly you need to do something. 



    2. Brain


      Just think of it as a new chance to see through the lens of the pony you want to be.

  22. I went to the gym today... I'm back baby!! and another journal entry is soon imminent.

  23. I'm sorry for all the crap I have caused. ill come back when I am rainbow dash

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    2. Brony Ginger Vocalist

      Brony Ginger Vocalist

      Dude find one of my posts and friend me

      I can't find u

    3. Dashie


      What is this?

    4. Brony Ginger Vocalist

      Brony Ginger Vocalist

      Not important now

  24. I think I'm done here. seeing how people enjoy bashing others, who have difficulty understanding social situations. ONe thing I will say about my old server I left is at least they tried to care for me and understand that I had trouble getting things in my head. however just because I am not on the discord server doesn't mean I'm stopping hypnosis. in fact, I have all the files I need to do it myself. I will continue to become better. Now this being said, until I can get my act together and maybe understand how the discord server works, I MAY, join back. however I feel that will be a long time from now. I want to stay but you guys need to understand, I'm slow when it comes to social situations. I don't understand things when they happen, they take awhile for me to process. I never intend on hurting anyone yet everyone acts like I'm out to get them. I'm sorry I'm still myself and not Rainbow Dash yet. I left the server as I don't want to cause anymore damage.

    1. FDavid


      Hope you're ok.

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