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Rarity Journals

Quite fashionable darling, why not have a look in one of the fabulous journals you can see here?


  1. The Designer's Table :: Rarity's Insights

    A place for my thoughts along the road to becoming fabulous. The beautiful and artistic Rarity has an eye for fashion that keeps her very busy at her dress shop: The Carousel Boutique. But she'll always find time to help her friends. She's quick to offer fashion advice and won't hesitate to follow a by generously giving of her talents.

  2. The Jersey to the Dress

    A sports designer's quest into becoming a better creator and an even better person.

  3. My Inner rarity

    I hope to unleash my rarity inside me I know she's in there somewhere! 

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  4. Intertwining The Threads of Personality

    Tapping into one's noggin to explore the ideal of self and achieve daily meditation through hypnosis aided by tulpamancy.

  5. changing fabulously and quickly

    a collection of thoughts on changes and my current mindset.

  6. The Rules of Rarity

    One mare's journey to become truly chic, unique and magnifique.