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Legacy Heart Journals


  1. Twilighting the Way (Twilight?Sparkle)

    Explorations in integrating the ideals of MLP:FiM into everyday life.

  2. Boutique Inside :: RarityDream's Wishful Dream Journal

    Travel the thoughts of a one-of-a-kind white mare as she brings you to a journey of endless possibilities through dreams, wishes and adventures containing hardships of life itself in order to find the real pony behind the curtain of wonders, the eye of design and the hoof for fashion - Rarity! Come and see the challenges of life as she goes through several changes through her life.

  3. Living in the Library :: TwiFedora's Journals

    These are the adventures of a purple mare in the world literally trying to find herself, trying to find out who she really is - Twilight Sparkle. She must face many challenges - peer pressure, the long-term use of her old name, irrational words from ponies she's known before that deny her real identity. Joining her are her pet, Owlowicious [hoo?] and her companion, Spike! {Sup? Just sitting here enjoying some gems. And you don't need to type this into the journal description Twilight, seriously.} Join her on a quest to becoming and living the book life (It's the life for her.)

  4. From Another Side :: FrinkelPie's Diary Journal Thingy

    {Sometimes, finding yourself can be the hardest challenge. It may require a lot of cooperation, dedication, and switching when something doesn't quite work. This is the case for Pinkie: this is her third hypnosis experience. This one, however, seems like it will be the most successful. The big question is, though, will is be successful enough? And is it worth it? Will Pinkie be able to take on the difficulties and responsibilities of Twilight-level school and work? Will she finally impose? And the big money question that's currently on everyone's mind: Did she make the right choice? I'm her mane tulpa, Twilight. I myself have taken on the responsibility of watching over and caring for Pinkie as she moves forth with her hypnosis. I used to be Spike back when she was Twilight, but now that she has changed, I too have changed. And now we're all guests at the most interesting show in the world: watching Pinkie become Pinkie.}

  5. Above the Clouds :: MayzlDash's Cloud Journal

    Come here and meet the sweetest, most adorable person one could ever know. She's becoming Rainbow Dash, a fast and speedy pony that seems just right for her. Watch as she finds her confidence and speed increase exponentially!

  6. Party Secrets :: AnonyPie's Party Journal

    Giggly, playful and brimming over with energy, it's not unusual to find this pink pony prancing and skipping joyfully through the streets looking for fun, doing cartwheels, singing a song in a silly voice and making up her own ridiculous lyrics. By far the silliest pony around, nothing makes her happier than evoking a giggle and a smile from her friends.

  7. 332
  8. The New Adventures of Tw1light and [Click]

    Will Tw1light achieve her goal of being cutest, smartest, and best filly all while taking care of her new filly/colt?

  9. Lightning Dash's Adventure

    Come read as Lightning Dash goes on a journey in hypnosis.

  10. Krazy's Awesome Journal

    She doesn't want a description. No descriptions are necessary for awesome ponies. :P