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  1. I'll make a post of my own soon, but I just wanted to say thanks to the staff for having me around for all these years. It's been great to be a part of the staff as well as the community. I wish the best of luck to all the staff, new and old. Also butts -Bright Star
  2. Preparation helps me a little bit. Sometimes before I listen to a file, I try to turn on relaxing music to help set a more relaxing mood to help me relax better. I also try to to fret too much if the transformation portions don't take full effect; I'm just as happy simply feeling like a pony vs simply looking like one. But yeah, seems like you're making great progress, keep it up~ -Bright Star
  3. It's more of a personal preference. Myself, I prefer lying down since I can relax much better that way. I find when I'm sitting, i can never keep myself upright during trance as well. -Bright Star
  4. Rule is simple, post one amazing picture, maybe something that inspired you or something that just puts you in awe. Source This particular photo really stands out for me. It's really simple and adorable, but it's one of the few pictures I really liked from before I really got into the fandom. Just looking at this really wants me to pick her up and snuggle her~ The details are amazing to look at and just stare for a few moments taking in the sunlight. I honestly have yet to see another picture that has captivated me in the same way.
  5. I find this music to be very relaxing. Video in comments.

  6. What is your favorite color? You will never guess my favorite color.
  7. So, I want to start something that isn't banning everypony, but rather sharing the values of Equestria. I wanted to start off by allowing us to share our techniques we use to meditate or undergo hypnosis. I used many different methods and some worked a lot better than others. Currently, I lie down on my bed at about 7-10 in the morning. At the time, the sun is shining in my room giving a source of energy from what little sunshine I get in the first place. Another method I used that worked very well was lying on the living room couch. Here, the couch was extra comfy, allowing me to kinda "sink" right into trace easily combined with the fact that the living room has a large window that allows a significant amount of light and energy into the room. This was where I would do my loop sessions before I moved up to my room and nearly every morning, I would wake up feeling nearly full pony. I'd like to hear what other methods ponies use and why. And maybe those who are having trouble with meditating or hypnosis can use these as a guide. Hoping to hear from all you ponies, Bright Star
  8. Just wanted to say something and give a hypnosis tip while it was still on my mind. Hypnosis only goes as far as you want it to go Sometimes you may not notice right away I sometimes sit like a pony My forelegs on the seat to keep my balance You probably are right now and haven't noticed After all, you are a pony, am I right? You don't have to exactly match your pony Not every Twilight needs to love books Nor every Fluttershy needs to be shy A Rarity can be a total mess And Rainbow Dash is perfectly fine to hate sports Pinkies don't need to always be bouncy And it's okay for an Applejack to be lazy What matters the most, though Is that you are you Yes, hypnosis can make you love books, be kind, etc And that's perfectly fine You can improve your study habits You can work to be more honest Maybe go out for a run or two Or host a party for someone you just met And that's great! You might be struggling to see yourself like a pony And that is okay You might not be able to lock your hooves in Or be able to fly or physically perform magic You might not be able to see your pony legs Or walk on all fours every single day But I must ask Doesn't it feel great to at least /Feel/ like a pony? When I do walk on just my hind legs They feel like pony legs I feel fuzzy and warm occasionally I built a habit of moving my ears around when listening I'm constantly aware of where my horn is I barely am able to see a muzzle on me But it feels like it's there many times I guess this is all because I AM a pony Looking to the skies, -Bright Star, Nurse of Canterlot
  9. You can't wish for that ei--mrrrow~ Mrooooowwwwwww! Mew~
  10. Wish not granted! You can't wish for more wishes! I wish meow
  11. Sometimes just letting your thoughts run off wherever can lead to some pretty interesting situations. Congrats~! -Bright Star
  12. Simple thread. Describe and/or show how your anthro form is or how you want it to be. (Can also be used as an excuse to show off cool-looking anthro pics you like). Myself, the effects that predominantly stand out for me are in order from least to most recognizable are my eyes, hooves, legs, tail, muzzle, horn, and ears. This is closely to how I imagine my anthro form: More-or-less a 3.25 on this chart (but would totally love to be at 2 or even 1 )
  13. Doesn't have to be pony specific and adorable heart attacks are optional
  14. qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF

  15. So, closer to this, right?
  16. Do you like reading? How about a week ago? A month? A year? Sometimes thinking back you may have not realized it. My Twilight self ended up reading every single available journal at the time after several days of using the files for the first time. I found the adventures exciting and intriguing at times. I still read all the journals to this day.

    1. WispyDaydream[Shade]


      I like reading, just I'm not in the mood for much of it nowadays. I read a bunch of journals before I began and I got super into all of this though. Not so much anymore. I just come on and update my status every now and then.


    2. FlutterHi


      I love reading! :)

      I wish I had more time for personal reading as opposed to the more technical university readings I've been assigned.

      I just recently finished The Hobbit and the third Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy! :)

      I'm currently on my second and third read of How to Win Friends and Influence People and after that, I'll be starting The Name of the Wind...

      I really like reading. :P <3

    3. ThePinkBrony


      I like reading, but I have to be in the mood to read.

  17. "So un-rainbow!" "I always liked rainbows and all, but I was dashing nowhere in a dash. It wasn’t until my very first dash that I rainbowed a rainbow dash to dash. And, rain-bow! Dash rainbow dash rain dash rainbow rain dash dash. Follow me!"
  18. Don't forget, you might not notice an effect because you've gotten so used to having it around. For example, the way I sit with my forelegs (arms) in front of me between my (rear) legs. There have been a number of times I catch myself doing this, but then realize it's much more comfortable sitting like that.


    Pic for reference:


  19. A Rainbow Dash to the finish!


    1. Lunahoof


      Why don't we use these in the file descriptions?

  20. Nice and relaxin' Applejack session...


  21. rarity_s_mp3_player_by_cubonator-d63im8x

    A nice relaxing session is such a Rarity...

  22. Pinkie's rockin' with success!


    1. Greta[DawnStar]


      Pinkie is so oldschool, carrying a walkman mmm classic.

  23. Try to see if on/over-the-ear headsets would work better. That might help for extended sessions. -Bright Star