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  1. I wish there were ways to give reputation specifically to community members ^_^


    You'd get one~

  2. Pssst. New posts coming soon. Also, obligatory "I'm not dead".

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      It's good to know that you're not dead. Being alive is much more fun.

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      I'm not dead either! That's awesome!

  3. Hoo boy, this is actually a bit tricky for me. I've known SOMETHING was off for most of my life, but I didn't really know what it was for a very long time. As a child I would often get frustrated that I wasn't allowed to do some of the things my sister did for fun, and I didn't understand why. I was a constant target of bullying because I was wimpy and kinda scrawny, despite my athletic nature. I have ALWAYS insisted on having long hair, and it annoyed the hell out of my folks. Never really questioned why. There was no "I'm a girl" moment when I was younger. People told me I was male and I didn't question it, even though every other conceivable piece of evidence other than my bits suggested otherwise. I stopped thinking it was weird that I felt wrong, and eventually just thought everyone felt that way and lived with it. So I did too. The actual "dysphoria" didn't settle in until puberty, because it became VERY obvious that something was VERY wrong. I took some drastic measures that nobody should ever take, and was thus sent to see a psychologist. Nothing came of it and so I became angry and started acting out at home...which landed me in a trailer on the side of a cliff with no hot water or electricity living with my casually homophobic uncle for part of the next school year. Oh joy of joys. Chopping firewood fixed the "scrawny" part of my issue, and I was left alone for a while. The next year when I moved back home, I'd had plenty of time to think about what in my life was bothering me. I Knew I wanted to be a woman, but I didn't think anything could be done about it. Fast-forward 3 years and I somehow end up in the transition-timeline section of youtube, bawling my eyes out. I now knew that transitioning was a possibility, and did as much research as I could. I spent every penny I got on Christmas that year buying phytoestrogenic dietary supplements to see if even a minuscule amount of E would lessen my depression, and it did...slightly. I've been taking supplements for almost 3 years now with very modest HRT-like results, but I hope to get the real thing as soon as possible. At the moment, my only barrier is my arch-nemesis...being broke

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      Yeah, they just did :P

  5. Hey guys, it's been a loooooong time. So long, in fact, that I now have issues navigating the site due to how unfamiliar it all is. Time sure does fly. For those who already know me, hello! And to those who don't, nice to meet you. I've been away for a really long time due to a few changes in my life, and thought that I needed to at the very least explain my absence as a member of the staff. At the beginning of September of this year, I finally moved away from home. I had previously been living with my family in my childhood home and had been unable to leave due to a lack of money. Well, I've gone from Cali to Nevada, and now have a small apartment which I occupy along with my roommate (though this too will be changing soon, with me hopefully getting my own place). I work at a hardware store not too far away, and make decent enough money when I get hours. I can also finally afford things like a new computer, or perhaps even a visit to a doctor to diagnose my gender dysphoria soon (fingers crossed). As would be expected, the sudden change in lifestyle and scenery has kept me remarkably busy, with what little leisure time I have available dedicated to actually relaxing. Crazy concept, right? Anyway, I'm not dead blah blah blah and so on. Might try to return soon to my duties if the staff will still have me. Even if I don't though, I'm thinking about starting a weekly discussion topic sort of thing on current events and so on. The opinions of others are often insightful and fascinating after all. Looking farward to talking to you all again, -Spitfire
  6. Hello, I've noticed a sudden spike in interest in this old idea of mine. I don't really have enough time nowadays to manage something like this myself, but if you all wanted to revive this then I'm sure we can arrange for a way to keep track f it here on the site.
  7. From at least a moderating perspective, IP.chat is far superior to our chat's current IRC incarnation. That being said, I'll still be voting IRC for the extra tools and functionality that can be added if you have the right bots, and the ability to make rooms on the fly is quite handy. As for the client used, either Mibbit or Kiwi is a decent choice (kiwi just feels like a watered-down Mibbit to me). The client doesn't matter too much though, since anyone can choose their own and connect manually.
  8. this is going way too fast..light off and then I'm out, I can't keep up @.@
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