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  1. Wizard surprise!

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    2. BioGlow[Happeh]{LShark}


      I attack your wizard with my science!

    3. .


      I use the power of wubs to protect everyone from your dark magic!

    4. Twilight {Nightingale} ✨☪

      Twilight {Nightingale} ✨☪

      A large cloud of green smoke appears in front of you. It clears away

      to reveal a tall wizard, clothed in grey. He fixes you with a steely

      glare and declares, "This adventure has lasted too long." With that

      he makes a single pass over you with his hands, and everything around

      you fades away into a grey nothingness...

  2. Not really sure what to even put in this. Well I'm back, hopefully for longer then usually again, but lets face it I bounce a lot. And uh.. whats been going on with me.. not much. No exciting or fun stories with friends or personal discovery. Just been sitting in a dark corner gathering dust, drawing a little, and doing my classwork. Oh, and a new kitty (Pics will come tomorrow) I guess the most I've been doing is just thinking, thanks to a couple wake up calls around me, and going off a track of medicine I've been on. For a few months now I've been on a harder anxiety drug that I took constantly even though I've been just sitting at home all the time. Going off has been kinda good, I guess. Emotions are really hard to feel still, and making opinions of my own affairs seems impossible. Although I've got my brain function back, so I think clearly, if not a little erratically or randomly, and its letting me get a better look at myself. I saw a lot of sad things in me, a lot I remember once trying to fix. And I can't remember why I quit, I think I just lost my motivation over time, almost like as my old depression and paranoia passed instead I just got filled with apathy, complete lack of care for myself. And since this is a journal I'm keeping openly, feel free to just ignore it all, this is just going to be me listing things off to myself. I realized I've got little to no ambition anymore, no drive to do anything. And I don't know why, even drawing seems more dull to me now no matter what I try to do. And its worse that I need to get a job, but I just can't get one even after sending in what must have been over a few hundred applications. I gave up hope for it around a month ago I think. That reduced all I do is go to school and draw sometimes, then stay in my nice little corner. Next was that I hardly cared about my own well being or happiness. I guess it started slowly when the medicine was prescribed to me and starting taking effect (Side effect of which was making it harder to focus on tulpa or a wonderland) and I lost a part of me. Although I wasn't anxious anymore, just apathetic. Then memories started rotting away faster to the point unless I kept notes on daily life I'd forget what to do and who anyone was, to the point I forgot where I lived once. And I'm still getting over this, memories are vaguely coming back, and I can focus again even if I still can't really feel anything. Then theres all my trans stuff (for those that don't know, I am/was MtF, although now I don't feel either) which had a small spark once upon a time but fizzled out, and almost forgotten. Now of course, I'm trying to get back in touch with either side instead of the constant numb I got going on. Drawing almost died out of a passion for me, never felt like doing it, and when I tried I just got angry and hated myself for both trying and being angry about it until I just stopped. Trying to restart it for the last few weeks atleast, but its still pretty crap, And last I guess is my antisocial nature. It got so much worse, Theres only a couple DnD groups I talk to once a week, and one person who I ever get to talk to once every two weeks, and another who I have trouble remembering, and I think hates me now. So I literally got cut out. Too scared to talk at first, too nervous, then self hate kicks in and says 'Whats the point they won't talk to you again anyways' until I just stayed quiet all the time. At home I sit and watch videos, make one or two depressive doodles, and go to bed, no talking to anyone. On school days I get up early, watch videos, go to class, zone out for an hour, come back and read the book, then go to bed. I used to just think like nobody wants to be bothered with me. Now I genuinely feel it. People who used to call me friends don't talk much anymore, and when they do I'm to low energy to try and follow up, family ignores me since I can drive now and don't need to be near one of them every week, and nobody in college cares of course they've got their own lives to get to and who wants the quiet fat guy around killing the club. I can't even bring myself to walk outside now, granted theres not much reason to my area has no where nice to walk to/around, but I could atleast go out and check the mail before. But now I'm just a shut in, and trying my best to fix it along with all these problems. Its not going so well. TLDR; I've got no ambition, -snip!-ed up brain, and crippling social anxiety, but I'm trying to fix it . Sorry to bore you all with my venting, Hard Knocks
  3. Guess whose back in felt

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    2. Vinyl Scratch{Glitch}-Twi-
    3. WillieNelson


      :o you're back! I was sad to see you disappear **glomps**
    4. AxleGrease


      Knocksy! Hooray!

  4. Well poop. My laptop has been funny lately, and now I can't use the status things or the chatroom here. I feel like a butt because I'm basically disconnected now. But in lighter news despite being a bit lonely I've been productive, went to college orientation and got some basic classes going for me. Been drawing an awful lot Aaaaand finally made a ask blog for my beloved chubby viking Hrognar; http://askhrognar.tumblr.com/ I guess thats all, sorry for always being gone and have fun forcing me to draw things.
  5. Woo finally started this! http://askhrognar.tumblr.com/

    1. Bright Star

      Bright Star

      I'm liking it already~

    2. Lunar S.

      Lunar S.

      lol I sent a question for chu~

    3. Amber Rain

      Amber Rain

      Sent a question as an anon

  6. Woo finally started this!

  7. I need a poke' buddy

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    2. HardKnocks


      I just need a quick trade to evolve something

    3. Col. Dew

      Col. Dew

      unless I get an emulator and X or Y for it I sadly cannot help you.

    4. Star Shard
  8. Anypony play Pokemon X/Y? I could use a hand evolving a creampuff.

  9. Anypony play Pokemon X/Y? I could use a hand evolving a creampuff.

  10. Oh boy have I been doing things lately! First and biggest news is I'm heading off to college on August 21st. Super excited and anxious about it but hopefully it won't be too bad. Going to be taking the normal math and English type stuff first, get the bad pointless stuff out of the way early on. Second is holy poop I've been drawing like a mad mare compared to before! In the last couple weeks I've pumped out more acceptable drawings then ever before, some digital and some traditional. Granted not many real things in digital, still adapting to it but still I've been getting better. And since my confidence got a major boost today thanks to the chat, I'm gonna shamelessly plug myself and show off what I've been doing, sketches, WIPs, ongoing and completed stuff all wrapped into one nice little imgur album Thats all for now, Hard Knocks
  11. Who wants a tea party?

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    2. TheSpiritOfJoy
    3. platinum


      I would join a tea party with Sweetie Belle. Even with the Six foot tall Pinkie doll

    4. Amber Rain

      Amber Rain

      I'm would pass. I know what that doll is...*shudder*

  12. Man, 1910 times were ṡ͎͚̣͉̙͎̾͌̃ͦ̌͌̔cÍ—Ì‘Ì“ÌŽÍ‚Í¡Ía̻̣͔͎͉̗̓͆ͦ̃͗̌̊ͨr̅ͥ͛̈́̄͡҉̪̞͇̪̯y͂̽̉ͮ͒ÌÍ©ÌŠÌ©Ì—

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    2. TwinkiePinkie


      Haha, Titenic! :D

    3. Twilight {Nightingale} ✨☪

      Twilight {Nightingale} ✨☪

      Hey HardKnocks, I just joking, I know what it is.

    4. HardKnocks


      And I'm super stupid, so we're even.

  13. All hail Cthulhu!

    1. Lunar S.
    2. Sarah Pie

      Sarah Pie

      okie doke! wooohooo!

    3. platinum


      *rolls for sanity*

  14. Ok no time to do this anymore, no time/privacy to type entries. Yesterday was North Carolina, Today is Tennessee, Tomorrow is probably Ohio
  15. Art rage, came with the tablet and its super easy to use. Also update on the Plush army's march. Currently a short distance from Atlanta Georgia, plans have changed to take of North Carolina instead of Ohio. The hotels here suck, the three with wifi don't have working wifi. I'm seriously using a phone as a hot spot.