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Amber Rain

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  1. That feeling when you get praise for saving someones halloween

  2. Happy Nightmare Night.

  3. Busy day at work. Love my cat. Sitting with me is so relaxing.

  4. Sorry I havent been very active here. I dont really have anything constructive to say and feel like I should just keep my mouth shut.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. WillieNelson


      Nonsense! I never have anything constructive to say, yet ponies here still like me and would be sad if I left tomorrow o3o

      And besides, everypony's say in a particular thing is valuable if they're serious when they talk, even if they think otherwise.

    3. Starshield(Justice Night)

      Starshield(Justice Night)

      *offers Amber a hug* Don't worry, we're very friendly here. You can say what you want. Besides, if you keep your mouth shut, how will you be able to eat this delicious muffin? *hoofs a chocolate muffin over*

    4. Amber Rain

      Amber Rain

      *takes the Hug* Thanks everypony. It is me more then anything. I do end up psyching myself out. Bit of a social phobia I guess.

  5. How long is the donation up for?

    1. Amber Rain

      Amber Rain

      Want to know because I cant donate now but next payday.

  6. First thing that hit was Truthiversary. But I think I can come up with something better.
  7. Welp, I cant play any online game I play because a group of hackers are DDoSing them..

  8. I would like to Join the Fun Pink Pony group please.
  9. Got a skype up now exclusive to people here

    1. Keldy <<Kale>>

      Keldy <<Kale>>

      What is yur skype m8?

    2. Twilight {Nightingale} ✨☪

      Twilight {Nightingale} ✨☪

      People, what are those? Oh, those are like socks, right?

      *Just joking*

  10. Went to see DBZ battle of the Gods today. Sweet movie would watch again.

    1. Amber Streak

      Amber Streak

      I just saw that movie today, myself. It was awesome! I can't wait until it comes out on DVD so I can watch it again. :D

  11. One time playing Star Wars Jedi Outcast online, on a narrow platform, me and another person in a free for all stand off and I dont know how, we force choked each other at the same time. Normally the first one goes off and other is screwed as they watch the other move them over a pit and get dropped in. To everyone else you just saw two people hopelessly spinning around the platform waiting for the effect to end so we both end up falling to our deaths.
  12. Basically a Ace Attorney Online game where you can make your own cases
  13. http://i.imgur.com/qTbiSvm.jpg I decided to color it
  14. Got Bright Star on this one. Been forever since I've drawn anything so it's a bit off but I think it came out ok. http://i.imgur.com/K8eAruy.jpg Think the picture is too big too post and I'm going a bit ghetto by taking a picture of the drawing. Need to get some drawing programs. and I dont think you'd stick out your tongue Bright, but I was feeling silly.
  15. Thanks for referring me to the thread bookmarking it.