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  1. Aww Fluffy you're just the best ever I feel so special being mentioned in a post like this and it's the best being your friend~ <3 I'm always up for weird thought experiments! Those are so much fun. Oh it's just so great you're doing so well I'm really happy for you~ <3
  2. The darkest night ain't black enough, to keep the morning light from shining.. The highest wall ain't tall enough, to keep the smallest man from climbing..~

  3. I told you how I feel. Keep it in mind..
  4. The sun ain't yellow, it's chicken..! D:<

  5. Who wants put mah tail in their mouf??

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      *wiggle-wiggles it~* It tastes like heaven and there's enough for everypony! Have at it~ ;)

  6. I may be old and I may be bent, but I had the money till it all got spent. I had the money till they made me pay, then I had the sense to be on my way~

  7. I like your avatar!
  8. She took my heart, my resistance fled! I loved each lie that I was fed! She pushed me down on a burning bed~ Thought I was in heaven, but instead, she turned her head and she softly said..

    1. TwinkiePinkie



    2. Vinyl Scratch{Glitch}-Twi-

      Vinyl Scratch{Glitch}-Twi-

      the rest of this song will cost 2.99 on the itunes marketplace

    3. Col. Dew

      Col. Dew

      With nothing useful to say and no one to listen to it,

      Filling the deep with the pain, I slowly sink into it,

      Consider questionable things to try to get me through it,

      I've tried to push it away but I always give into it,

      Long for the taste of the rain that finally helps subdue it,

  9. I was playing TF2 on a King of the Hill map as a medic and ended up sneaking behind an enemy medic and heavy pair. Normally, this is suicide, but I went for it and attacked them with my Ubersaw (melee weapon). Due to a combination of the element of surprise, lucky crits, the heavy being distracted by firing at something else, and my skill at the game, I managed to take down both of these players by just hacking at them before they could get me! Mind you, a medic isn't really designed to stand up to a heavy, much less a heavy getting medic-boosted.. I was so delighted I taunted on the spot, rub that salt in! Right as I taunted though an enemy scout rounded the corner and decided to rush in for the easy kill while I was locked into my animation, oh no! However.. This particular taunt involves the medic raising his saw back, yelling 'I'm going to saw through your bones!', thrusting it forward, then yanking it back. This scout, with his close-range scattergun, rushed right into my taunt's saw thrust, and was instantly killed. Complete accident on my part. This turned my amazing double kill into a miraculous triple kill that I will likely never pull off again. And nopony was around to see it..~
  10. Anypony ever notice how lobsters are just scorpion mermaids?

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      There is so much truth to your word. But it's still absurd.

  11. I'm surrounded by DIABEETUS. Thanks for your time. Have a good DIABEETUS.

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      Welcome to america, would you like a twinkie?

    4. TwinkiePinkie


      I am no cannibal.. >:(

  12. Ah man, I want a tulpa so bad! You should totally share one with meeee! Or you can teach me how to build my own, that's cool too! I tried to make a Pinkie one once and she stole like, all my Pinkieness, and then like, crawled back into me and disappeared.. In other news, I find a techie-obsessed Fluttershy to be kinda' adorably charming~ Haha, technology versus nature.. You'll like it here, this place is cool! Hypnosis is AWESOME! And PONIES and stuff! WOO! So, welcome! I'm Pinkie, by the way~
  13. I LOVE VOLLEYBALL!! And Badminton! And Tennis! And Ping-Pong! And anything else you can bring at me that involves a little net and things going over it! WOO! And school blooows! SCHOOL'S THE WORST! Never going back never going back WOO! Haha, hope you survive~ <3
  14. You ever have like just the WORST song stuck in your head? I can't stop hearing the chorus 'Cold and wet and dirty~' repeat over and over, need something more positive augh! But it's just so jaunty!

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    2. Amber Rain

      Amber Rain

      Had that song from Katy Prry stuck in my head before and not Roar it was Dark Horse. Glad it isn't anymore

    3. TwinkiePinkie


      Oooh..excellent submissions from everypony involved! Thank you for participating!

      PvZ was a fantastic choice, Ramen! And I enjoyed the other two songs very much as well~

      But the winner is......

      ....Rayquaza! Yay robot ponies! :D

    4. Col. Dew

      Col. Dew

      Wow I wun? didn't even know it was a contest