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  1. Wish fulfilled but everyone not apart of this forum are in extreme chaos and are hyper-aggresive. I wish this sentence to be false.
  2. *banned by an unknown entity*
  3. Poppin' in to say hi.

  4. My, i've been gone for too long. ToS changes, generic pegasi files has been posted, and a bit of new paint. Just hope some of you all remember me, just a little.

    1. The Sweetest Belle

      The Sweetest Belle

      You may have left, but you were not forgotten.


      Welcome back, Colonel. :)

    2. Frinkeldoodle
  5. "-Though the road has bends and turns, and my spirit suffers... humans fail, systems fail, shadows fall... but the ruts run deep, cut by the blood of faces above, and voices now silent... but the message now is heard!-"

    *hint z randall*

  6. Team Valor. At first my whole town was run by Instinct now thry seem to be extinct as the only gyms are now run by either Mystic or Valor on and off.
  7. This thread is now hexed by poison joke, good luck mods ;3
  8. I'd love to go for 1-2 hour files however when I try to chain multiple files together I either can't stay focused, fall asleep, or get extremely restless. 50 or so (maybe longer if the voice can hold my attention) would ve awesome. P.S. maybe a longer inducer would help.
  9. So what would be a scarier holiday for Fluttershy, 4th of July or Halloween?!

    1. Elusive


      Well on halloween, she wouldn't leave the house,  so 4th of july, because she won't expect the explosions

    2. Star Shard

      Star Shard

      Well, we know she has no problems with the grand galloping gala and other fireworks heavy celebrations.

    3. D1sc0rdBloke


      We've already established that it's clearly watching someone eat a chicken sandwich that she finds the most terrifying.

  10. Friends/council We vote on certain stuff to do but otherwise it's friends.
  11. So this is something that I have been wondering for a bit, what do Celestia and Luna, (and perhaps Cadence and Twilight) mean to myself and the community. Perhaps they are gods to rule the heavens and all below, maybe they are just heads of government, or something different entirely. So HP what do they mean to you?
  12. Harmony Ascendent, Lavender Harmony, Crusader, pinkie's brew, rules of rarity, winter wrap up, and/or I'll fly higher.
  13. Fair princess moon A stary blanket covers thy kingdom brow To whom the world would swoon Thou who wears darkness' crown Sweetest midnight song Who cannot be wrong We sing for you to hear Our greatest princess dear Luna
  14. Base of my wings where they connect to my back don't even need to touch em sometimes and they get all tingly. (Spa file usually tickles there alot.)
  15. How would something like this work though if they cannot hear it/clearly hear it?