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  1. I think I remember you o.o
  2. hey there! welcome ;o
  3. well then! its been about 4 years since I first joined o.o im totally not a month late to be posting this... heh.... heh... anyways! yeah! its been just over 4 years since I joined hypnoponies and stuffs anyways, just a few months ago, I did something that I haven't done in just over two years. listened to a file... the generic unicorn one to be exact. <3 it was awesome to be honest, since its been soo long since I actually had a hypnosis session, what was more awesome was that I got to feel my pony body a lot more! so that's also gud! but anyways, Im still Starlight Glimmer, in fact ive been feeling a really strong connection, (other ponies have mentioned this aswell) ive been thinking a lot about my past lately (the village... what I did... etc..) and I haven't been feeling the best for the last few weeks because of this.. but ive been trying to cope with it. (ive been having lots of dreams, and just lots of feelings of guilt) I have also been feeling really homesick too... which isn't that fun ;-; a lot of things have happened here at home though. I think one of the most important things was that my brother found out I was transgender. (he is the last one I ever wanted to tell/to find out) because of I have really bad trust issues because of things that happened back in grade 8. pretty much what happened was that I talked to my counsellor about things that happened at home, with verbal abuse from parents and other things I don't want to talk about here... so she called child services, and my brother and I had to talk to a social worker about things. im... guessing the social worker thought my brother already knew.. so I guess she mentioned it to my brother (I wasn't there so I didn't know what happened) after he came home from school, he started saying how he had no idea I was trans and asked me a whole bunch of questions (I hid it pretty well) but anyways, after I listened to that hypnosis file, I have also went and listened to the spa and spark of magic files, which were amazing <3 Writing from under the stars, -Starlight (Glimglam)
  4. welcome to da forums new pone! how bout you hop on the discord and say hai to everypony?
  5. I don't.... no... ;-; sorry DX
  6. huh. 777 posts in public notices :P 

  7. there isn't a lyra file? I thought there was talk of one in making years ago.. also welcome
  8. doesn't mean they are no longer a pony though, just means they are stopping the current file -.-
  9. well... welcome to the forums
  10. *boops everypony*

  11. I rather think that there is a way... some how to go back to equestria, to help with homesickness. or at least, one day we will go back home. but... everypony thinks differently I guess..
  12. yeah... It has been too long... nice to see you too XP
  13. hey everypony! o3o im not dead! XD im alive ^-^ its.. been awhile since I posted something here... right? (I think?) anyway I was gone because of life stuffs... mostly anxiety based things...sorta (im trying to recover..) anyway! just to catch up on some things.. im actually in grade 12 now... and its December... (graduation is arriving to fast...) the thing im scared about is friends parting ways after high school... and ever since I came out to them about being trans, I actually got closer to my friends then I did before <3 which I hoped I did sooner.. and a few months ago I applied for a role in poniverse and got accepted ^-^ (poniverse is pretty much MLP forums, PVL, and other stuffs like that) which is pretty awesome I guess o.o *squee* my family about trans related issues though, have been getting worse since I first came out to them. my mom especially. shes been more aggressive about the situation and things haven't been great with her and me... (lots of yelling or mom throwing insults or something like that) one of my irl friends I found out is depressed, and left school for the time being, which really worries me, that and a lot of my other friends have been feeling down as well.. I don't really know what to do at this point... I want to help my friends greatly, but I really don't know how to help... I usually just give comfort and hugs but I wish I could do more. you know? ;-; anyways... pony related things, ive actually stuck with starlight glimmer. ive been feeling a lot happier being her.. after about 3 ish months of anxiety. before I was her though... I always had feeling like, people not liking me, or knowing something I don't, or how I mess up in life etc. and having friends leaving me... (my first semester of grade 11... wasn't the best because I was really depressed after my best friend left to go to another school.. then it got better after coming out to my other friends about being trans and becoming much closer to them) but... those feeling were kinda like what she was feeling...? right? but during those three months it felt like it... I... uh... don't really know the word for it. increased these feelings? (that sounds weird DX) I still feel these feelings though, but im somewhat recovering from them. (i hope i make sense about this... im not that good at expressing myself that much) also having a horn is much different then having wings XD ive also realised that ive been the type on my journals that I post too fast before I think it through... (hence the confusing posts ive been making XP) anyway, I have been getting this reoccurring dream where celestia appears and says the words "Starlight, wake up" and then I wake up either to the sun shining directly in my eyes (I face my bedroom window and the sunrise always happens there) or wake up to a sun rise *shrugs* shouldn't the forums do something special for hearths warming this year? (I don't really know what to do... exactly but the idea is there) (unless I messed up and there is a topic about hearths warming this year XD) anyway... yeah! writing under the stars, -Starlight
  14. well.. uhm.. its not really our decision on who you want to be whatever you want to do, you should do it.
  15. you will get EKP if you went from like, rarity to applejack without a proper reset