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  1. Bleh, I hate the drama in my journal. Anyways, I've still not been using files. Why? Well I'm not sure what to use. The forms I use change so fast I may as well stay a changeling! Currently I'm trying out Celestia, which people seem to think fits me despite my silliness. I'll try to figure things out soon. I also can't really talk to my tulpa, though I've given up on really trying if I'm honest. She is there but I can't hear her. That's a bit of an issue... I'll hopefully find a file to use soon. Then I can actually post progress here! I sadly have trouble with falling into trance though. I either fall asleep or wake up in the middle of it, which sucks. My headphones are also uncomfortable to sleep with, which is another issue.
  2. Glad to hear that, Vinyl ^^
  3. It's been a while, and I've kinda separated from the site. Not sure how many here remember me, but I think I'll try to stay this time. Looking at my old entries, I can certainly say I was a drama queen. Hopefully it's not too bad for others to read. Anyways, gonna start looping files at night and see if I get results. Wish me luck!
  4. *snugs* banned because lack of fireworks
  5. I'm actually back now with mah new unlimited data and texting phone owo

    1. Octavia Melody

      Octavia Melody

      **squawks in joy and glomps the glorious pudge**

    2. Fluttershy³


      I be very jelly of your data plan.

    3. Redbow Rose{Twilight}

      Redbow Rose{Twilight}

      *hugs both* it was 40 dollars for a month :v

  6. Banned because I haven't been here in forever owo
  7. *returns to the site after a long summer* school starts soon, and I don't know what to do, yaaaaaay

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    2. Redbow Rose{Twilight}

      Redbow Rose{Twilight}

      That sounds like school is a deadly assassin:p

    3. Col. Dew

      Col. Dew

      *action movie announcer voice*

      This Fall.

      500 students.

      185 days.

      And a highly trained assasin out for blood.

      (Shows stock footage of teens and young adults fainting and falling over in desks with poorly edited cgi needles sticking out of em)

      And one teen's adventure in surviving the year.

      Jonah Hill as Gleb Meyers

      And Jackie Chan as School

      In this action thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat.


      "Grades won't be the only thing dropping."

    4. Redbow Rose{Twilight}

      Redbow Rose{Twilight}

      *laughs* That was great ^^ Best movie of the year :P

  8. Urg...schools over today and getting to talk to everypony will be a pain in the flank from now on >.>

    1. ScopeEva


      Yeah, boy do I remember that feeling. 

  9. *secretly puts cake all over the forum*

    1. KrazyDashie


      *secretly puts a slice into your mouth*

    2. Strudel


      *licks the cake from the forum* mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 

    3. Redbow Rose{Twilight}

      Redbow Rose{Twilight}

      *nams the cake given to her*

  10. Sometimes I look at my name and think about it. I wonder what others think when they see this name. I then wonder what I think. I like to think that others get happy when my name pops up, and for myself I think it means me. Random thought, but I felt like saying it ^^

    1. WispyDaydream[Shade]


      Well of course it is you. That's what names are. Sometimes they can mean a bit more, but sometimes not. Now I'm curious couz, what do you think of my name?

    2. Redbow Rose{Twilight}

      Redbow Rose{Twilight}

      It's interesting. I prefer Dreac, thought that's just because that's what I've known you as

  11. Muffins. Muffins all the way!
  12. Well, my dog died. He choked on a treat meant to make him happier...and now I'll never see him again. The world is cruel sometimes...

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    2. Gamer Luna

      Gamer Luna

      Oh my gosh that's so sad, I'm so sorry Redbow! *hugs*

    3. ThePinkBrony
    4. Redbow Rose{Twilight}

      Redbow Rose{Twilight}

      *happily receives hugs*

  13. Well, I'm back to being my good ol' Redbow self. I learned that as much as I admire her, Octavia doesn't resonate with me. Still, I learned an important lesson. I am who I am. As much as I may wanna be another pony, I'll always stay me at the core. Sure, I could keep trying to become other ponies, but my core self will always shine through. I tried to be like Octavia, but I'm too loose and exuberant to be much like her. Some better options are Rainbow Dash, or Pinkie maybe. Still, I feel that I've grown from this experience and I'm happy for it. It's all I could ask for.
  14. I seem to have become quiet here. Perhaps I should change that.

  15. Not sure. I just have an intense fear of judgement. I deal with it a lot in my family