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  1. I personally love my Nokia phone, and, although Windows Vista was horrible (you're right there), Windows 7 and 8 are actually pretty nice, and I wouldn't touch 8 with a 10 foot pole when it first came out. I'd be much more worried if Google or Apple bought it, to be honest.
  2. As a fellow future game developer myself, if I were in Notch's place, I'd do the same thing. That much fame is too much for one or two people. I'd love to make a hit game, but not when I'm the only one making it.
  3. I'm pretty sure Minecraft and Mojang are in good hands. Microsoft hasn't done much wrong (with the exception of the Xbox One and it's issues, but that's my own subjective opinion) in the 22 years I've known it. Hopefully Microsoft with avoid stepping on toes and understands that if they change too much or do something drastic, they'll lose so much business it won't be funny.
  4. Oh I've had this stuff! It's really good! The Five Below in town sells this by the can~
  5. Not in any particular order: The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim The Sims (1-3, I haven't played 4 yet) Rune Factory 4 Portal 1 and 2 World of Warcraft
  6. Oh wow did I misread the first post. This isn't mine at all - I can't animate worth anything. ;w; I just thought it was funny and wanted to share it.
  7. I love all of the many, many glitches in Skryim. Most of them are harmless, of course, given that if you have glorious graphics and gameplay, one must sacrifice being 100% glitch free. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5ldjrkEYsI
  8. Oh wait, it didn't embed the video... >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veLc4oBVnZk
  9. This is one of my favorite videos right now:
  10. Thanks so much!
  11. That's a relief. I'm so used to walking on thin ice with this sort of topic, so I wasn't sure if it was fair game or not. Ooh, that's a great thread! I'll have to keep that in mind!
  12. Before I start, I'd like to make note that I am talking about witchcraft and magic as a craft, not a religion (I'm not trying to bring up religions like Wicca or the variations of paganism). Are there any unicorns who chose that particular kind of pony to supplement or strengthen their magical abilities and/or energy work? Personally, I'm a new witch, with no religious affiliations with the craft, and one of the reasons I chose Rarity is because I'm hoping that becoming a unicorn will help get me back into magic (I had to stop over the summer due to living circumstances). I'm just curious if I'm the only one. Mods and admins: if this is considered a religious topic, please feel free to delete it - I know it's kind of pushing it, but I figured it doesn't hurt to post anyway, since it's not outright talking about religion or any hard topics in any sort of way.
  13. It really depends on who's fronting at the time. Taylor drives like either a grandmother or a fresh-out-of-driving-school teenager (the overly cautious type), Zero drives like a maniac, and I drive like a good balance between the two. Right now, I don't have a car, but I'll soon be getting my great uncle's 2000 Pontiac Bonneville in forest green~
  14. I'd like to join the Rarity group, please and thank you~
  15. So far, although it's only happened once or twice, my hooves work like my paws do when I mentally shift as a therian - my fingers bend at the first knuckle up with my thumb bent and on the side of my hand. This way, though it's instinct to do this by now, I still have use of my hand and fingers to a degree, but it's not so human that it breaks the imposition/shift.