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  1. Hey, the uhh. the awards page is down, of all pages. Fatal error: Call to a member function category_row_start() on a non-object in /home/ponyhypno/public_html/admin/applications_addon/other/jawards/modules_public/awards/awards.php on line 216

    1. Bright Star

      Bright Star

      Currently, the Awards feature is only available on the Glare theme. We're working on a fix for it soon.

    2. Frinkeldoodle


      I think I figured out the issue and resolved it.

  2. *Fulton's all of Afghanistan with tactically placed Fultons.* and on Lucid dreaming methods, I can only ever lucid dream in a moment of sheer terror within the dream, whereupon I seem to take a step back and I'm suddenly in complete control and am completely aware. So that's how I get it lucid. Be freakin' terrified. That said, later in the same dream, I always brag about "lucid dreaming last night!" so you know. It's not perfect.
  3. One whole year. I don't know how to feel... It's certainly an odd feeling.

  4. Again with the buses. Carted from one end of my city to another. It's great.

  5. 1166. This number pleases me.
  6. 1140. One of these days, we should just have a co-ordinated spam of this chat, where we try and get a few hundred in. Server could explode, should be fine.
  7. Was gone. Came back.

    1. The Sweetest Belle

      The Sweetest Belle

      Nice to have you back, then. :)

  8. Detention girl, Suspension girl, Lives off a pention girl. Tough girl, Fighter girl, Always caught with a lighter girl. Sad girl, Lonely girl, Knows shes not the only girl. Lying girl, Crying girl, Pretend she wasn't dieing girl. Cold girl, Gone girl, Wonders what went wrong girl...

    1. Oscore


      A lot of cry for helps today...

    2. Twilight {Nightingale} ✨☪

      Twilight {Nightingale} ✨☪

      Yes, unfortunately it appears so. If anypony ever needs somepony to talk to, there are many here that will listen. You don't have to face your problems alone. While we may not all have the answers,together there is nothing we can't overcome.

  9. Help I ordered something off amazon, now I'm just hitting the track delivery button

    1. Clara



    2. Ashley
  10. *Is on amazon browsing headsets. Checks "customers who bought this also bough...." section. Sees cat food. Leaves amazon.*

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    2. Ashley


      *insert witty pun here*

    3. Col. Dew

      Col. Dew

      I was looking for books and on more than one occasion I saw in the users also bought sec. were lighters, book burners perhaps?

    4. BioGlow[Happeh]{LShark}


      When I was looking up bath mats, Amazon showed "you may be interested in toasters".

      O.O I think Amazon is trying to imply something.

  11. 1083. I feel like we should just jump to that, cause this is gonna take sooooo long
  12. Is that all one thing, or just the LongPlayer bit?
  13. So I have decided to stop using hypnosis. I realized that I just didn't wanna use it. So I'll stay, just as me and as a human. 'Ta kindly. In other endeavors, I have begun work on a tulpa. Just a week in, not had tons of time to force due to being on holiday, being home should help. I did manage to get a few half hour sessions in whilst I was on holiday, and I try to narrate when I can. I just worked on personality and using all my senses in a wonderland, as my visualization isn't quite good enough for a consistent form yet. And I have been researching and mulling this over since September and I am ready for the commitment it takes and has involved. That said, I will gladly take any tips I am given Tata!
  14. Watch out for a request from binaryZeus540. That be me. Still gotta change that name...