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  1. Banned for no real reason.
  2. In terms of togetherness. Apples as they are the only ones all together. and we have seen the most of their extended families. Success. Twilight and Shining run away with this even before they officially became royalty, and their parents are considered nobility. And due to how marriage works and depending on how you feel about the relationship between Celestia/Cadence, they either have 3/5 alicorns or all five of them. Plus every non villain royal Rarity's family is two absentee parents a normal child and Rarity trying to bring them up. Pinkie is more of a cake than a pie at this point (and because of season 4, more of an Apple as well), despite how well her personality bounces off her straightman Amish family.
  3. spoiler

    I like that they are still going to tease a rift, like Bloom and Gloom, instead of just saying that since they have the same mark that everything is great forever.
  4. spoiler

    Dragon Quest/Power Ponies: the makeup episode. Spike gets a fancy title and the respect of another not-ponyville area, he gets to save the day in a overly specific scenario by being semi-competent (I hope the reason they nerf Twilight isn't like 'the good, the bad, and the ponies'), learns a little dragon lore, and goes back to being left at the castle/being used for slapstick next time as if nothing happened. Such is status quo Although they might be turning a corner with him since he was the only one to accompany Twilight during 'Remark'. But he was just there for Twilight to have someone to talk to while she saved the world for the first time truly solo (no Rainbow lasers, delegating duty, or assists).
  5. It literally changed this morning. And it looks like it would be decent as we are expanding the Rarity empire (and more than likely giving Coco a shop of her own).
  6. "The Gift of Magi". It even rhymes. And yes it is, in that it is that story, but with ponies.
  7. Season 6 Episode 3 - The Gift of Maud Pie What happens when Maud Pie sells her things so she can give her wacky sister, Pinkie Pie, a gift? And what happens when Pinkie Pie does the same thing for Maud ? Like last season's 'The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows', this one is going to be more about the gags used to fill time vs the actual plot itself. Which if it is what it is currently slated as, everyone has already watched this story beat for beat in some way before. Maud will sell everything that would go with the gift Pinkie buys and vice versa, they will be distraught for a moment, but get over it because they know the other was willing to give up what they love for them to be happy as well. Skip to Star Shard's post for updated synopsis. The above is for the storybook of the same name.
  8. spoilers

    Pone returns in May. That is all.
  9. spoilers

    That's the one thing I don't like about this is they just took Cadence's limbs and pasted them on a foal model.
  10. But Cena can't defend his WWE Championship in a steel cage shoots and ladders match two weeks in a row. That's insane.
  11. Well, if it wasn't obvious at this point, I'm writing this to make it official. I am ceasing use of this journal. I have run out of things to say and quite honestly I've drifted from this community (despite frequenting near daily). Now I could have just made this my private soapbox to talk whatever but I didn't feel like taking up the server space with it. Add to that the fact that I don't even know half of you anymore and those I do I haven't talk to in forever. So it mostly would be shouting at ghosts to pass the time. Now as for what I do from here. well in regards to the site it is pretty much the same as it has been, I'll keep to my corner of show discussion and spoilers and status updates. I was never good at finishes or singing off, so I'll just say thanks to those who gave me advice, commented, read, or at least clicked on my journal here. -platinum
  12. You guys made me think too much into this. had explanations but the got lost in an error message. If you have a question about why I put someone where, ask EOH/Rainbow Powered Twilight (it is her magic she channels it)/Pure Sunset/Power of Friendship or Rock Humane 6 Tirek Max power Full Power Alicorn Twilight/Discord Absorbed Tirek Discord/Tirek All ponies absorbed Devil Sunset/Midnight Sparkle Amulet Trixie Tirek arriving at Canterlot Power of Love Shiny and Cadence Love Charged Chrysalis Nightmare Moon/Tantabus Siege Sombra/Reflections Sombra Nightmarity/Dreamwalker Luna Alicorn Twilight Starlght Glimmer Luna Celestia Possessed Rarity/Sombra first round and S3 Starswirl Reflections Chrysalis Sunset Shimmer/S3 Twilight/Alicorn Trixie Shiny Cadence love drained Chyrsalis Sirens max power/Kelpie Tirek at deal with Discord Season 2 Twilight Normal Changeling in dream Lucid Dreamers (not Luna) Canterlot Guard Moondancer/S1 Twilight Student of the School for Gifted Unicorns Zecora (potion making is a kind of magic) Trixie Rarity Reflections Twilight and Rarity Everypony else/Pony'd Up Humane 7 love drained Changeling/Sweetie Belle foals (ie Pumpkin Cake) Sirens before magic at CHS/Tirek during "Its About Time" Normal "human"/Sirens after RR aka no magic
  13. Alright I feel it is time to have a decent discussion of how our little magic users are ranked. Anything comic or EQG related is up for inclusion you can list them as one body of work or separate them based on forms ex (Rarity/Possessed Rarity/Nightmarity or Shiny boosted Chrysalis/love starved Chrysalis) or group them together (Background pony/Royal guard/CSFGU student) and rank them accordingly. By my count there are about 30 maximum even if you do the whole separation thing As always with my threads, I'll wait until a bit later to post my own
  14. Four things. One, Tirek was content to hangout once he gained power. He only started smashing because Twilight had the last of the power he was after. Therefore his destroying of the land (while mainly for effect) was likely him fighting a resistance movement. Two, the theories on the wasteland are either bad end because all the villains nuked each other, Amulet-Trixie did it because she was the last pony villain not shown (i'm serious even though she had no reason to get it without Twilight), Sunset somehow got the EoFM and razed the place with her small teenage army, or Fallout Equestria is canon. Three, Flim and Flam ending is simply all the villains were stopped by new champions and without the mane 6 (AJ included since she stayed in Manehatten) Granny Smith loses the farm when she accepts the bet and she, Big Mac, and AB lose to the well built and not overworked autonomous cider maker/car. Now how e get to this point. While They became con artists selling snake oil after being shutdown in the main timeline, they were still smart business stallions. So they were able to exploit the inherit monopoly the Apples had and turned a somehow fledgling farm into a thriving industrial plant (circa 1880). four. The map never took them back to the spot where the castle stood so Twilight couldn't really be sure they didn't just get teleported to the badlands. Twice they ended up in the everfree, twice they ended up in a random wooded area, once they ended up at SAA, and once they wound up in a windy wasteland. Not once did they wind up back in Ponyville, so Starlight kinda had a point at the end there.
  15. I hit the wall at six straight. Minor hallucinations kick in towards the end of day three and start of day four. Attention span starts goes one way or the other in the extreme, staring off into space and losing track of conversations or hyper focused. The biggest hurdle is actually not falling asleep when you have mirconaps. if you don't jerk yourself awake, when your brain shuts you down for a min you will stay down. If you hit the point where you are falling asleep standing up, pack it in unless you can keep up the caffeine intake.