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  1. ekp

    Basically all you have to do is not merge two personalities so long as you keep each file seperate enough from eachother which is quite easy if i do say so myself in your mind, you will literally have NOTHING to worry about.
  2. Because of the demand here, me and Frinkel made a whole forum for Pokehypno! I'm planning on getting the majority of the userbase that the /vp/ threads had, so I'll have to put up a thread on /vp/ about this, so you should be warned that there will be people out to get us for it http://pokehypno.club
  3. Oh wow there are so many people here this is the biggest thread i've ever posted
  4. Hello! I thought I might post a thread to find out how many people are interested in Pokemon hypnosis. So far, I've got three files going for this: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9BBk5AZ0Ho Ultra Hypnosis' Generic File (Request) >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Scz63aCjVf8 Master Hand's Generic File (Request) https://mega.nz/#!kkUUWSwK!Fq9jOfvlrTIppHkSXxFRyLPtJcP4rA5Y6qBoV9A0ocg AFA's Lucario TF (Uses a different inducer that involves a trigger. It'd be nice to put the Canned inducer there instead.) If anyone could find some stuff on like WarpMyMind, or even write new files for this instead, that'd be really great.
  5. So I've already got a good community for pokehypno on /vp/, but janitors keep killing it. Anyone got any ideas for alternative places?

  6. So I found out there was a file to be Lucario, so I tried it and it works. Everyone should wear a fleece during trance to help feel fur out of trance

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      Could you please link me to where the file originated? I was less interested in the file itself as I was in where it came from. Sorry for not being that clear.

    3. Derpy Hooves

      Derpy Hooves

      It came from WarpMyMind. Why do you want to know?

    4. .


      I was just curious as to where it came from. Sorry if my question bothered you.

  7. Can I get my Derpy banner back? Thanks!
  8. Guys, I just did a self hypnosis session and got more results than I have ever gotten before! I'm gonna document how I remember it went. >I start my breathing, laid down on my stomach >Once in trance, I try a sort of 'sections' method in which I first transform and relax my hind hooves at the same time, and continue up the body; hock, flank, back, stomach, chest, shoulders, neck, and finally the head >My mindvoice talks in the background, describing these changes, sort of like a file or a voice session >I open my eyes half way through the head transformation to see what appears to be an afterimage of my muzzle >I finish the transformation, ending at the tips of the ears What I feel: A bit dizzy, hooflock on my hind hooves, a tail, wings, a muzzle, when I focus on it, my ears, I'm warmer all over, which is probably from fur, thicker flanks Overall, I've made monumental amounts of progress for all of the hypnosis I've been doing! This is all so exciting, and I can't even contain the amount of hype I've got for myself! I've really only got one question about this whole thing: How do I focus on the mental aspects of this? What sort of personality do I build? How should I build it? Thanks, Derpy 'Muffins' Hooves
  9. Guys, I JUST did self hypnosis and got more progress than I ever have! Gonna post a journal about this!!! SOOOO hyped!

    1. WispyDaydream[Shade]


      Congrats! I wish you more luck as you go on!

  10. This is really interesting! I never thought that my experience was normal, because everyone tells me that I shouldn't remember a thing from the session, but I remember pretty much everything, which actually matches up pretty well! Thanks a ton for talking about this!
  11. I'll go ahead and get into this. I'll be able to play Minecraft, TF2 (for like 30 minutes to an hour at a time a day because VAC kicks,) and Smite at most times of day in the CST time zone. I might suggest Roblox, for how many different games it can offer. There's even a Splatoon clone, for those who can't play the actual game on the WiiU. Thanks for the thread
  12. i am of the opinion that they skipped a place to distance themselves from 8
  13. I have officially bought the game! Yay, me! I saw Polaris on Mineplex a while ago, and then I lost him...
  14. irc.rizon.net #Pony_Hypno #Pony_hypno_RP (if you feel like roleplaying) It may be a ghost town at the moment, and that may be why you don't use it, but that's why it's a ghost town! NOPONY USES IT! So, just go on there and use it, you'll have a fun time.