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      Havent seen you in forever c( =

  2. I believe it meant something sort of like this: You have an imposed form separate from your physical one, that you impose in a different physical location. Then, using this imposed form, you interact with your physical self.
  3. New journal up

  4. This past wednesday, i had a strange and pleasant sensation at work. I suddenly went into full imposition of my pegasus form. I even imposed things that made it make sense how i was pulling the pallets as a pony. My visual perspectiv even changed. It was nice. Also, after work i got a feeling of extreme trancelike calm. I got the impression from it that most of my time in equestria was before i got my cutie mark, so i was a very young mare, barely an adult in all likelihood, when whatever it was that brought me from there happened. I haven't yet had time to try and find ditto again, even though i call for him almost every day. Still no answers. I'm probably going to be getting my associates degree this summer, then going to university of north texas in denton this fall. So, that's a thing. There's something i'm forgetting here... I'll think of it later. As usual, i welcome any and all comments, questions, tips, and input. This is Sea Salt, and I will see you all later. Oh, that's what it was! My cutie mark description! A bird in flight, in semi-constellation form ( the stars showing as well as a detailed outline of what the stars represent)
  5. Exactly what it says on the tin. Anyways, updates on my life and what's been going on since my last post: My semi-hiatus from the site and IRC, which was temporarily broken, will likely continue. Due to reasons that I have not been made aware of, my wonderful father basically turned my computer into a fancy brick with parental controls, and while I know how to work around them, doing so would only make things worse. (this is why I'm continuing my semi-hiatus) Ditto has disappeared. I haven't heard from him in at least two months. My imposition and hypnosis has been going fairly regularly as usual, which makes it particularly obvious to me that I seriously need to preen more frequently. I have been put on antidepressants, (oh yeah, i was also diagnosed with clinical depression) then they switched me to a different one. The first one worked fine. This new one seems to be making things worse. I keep falling asleep in the middle of my self-hypno sessions focused on uncovering more about myself. This is okay I guess, since I need the sleep, but doesn't seem productive. I got a job at Walmart. Word of warning: if you need a job, don't go to Walmart. Find ANY other job you can, and I mean ANY. I'm probably going to go back to school in the fall after all, which is nice. I'm probably not going to get to do anything in the way of transitioning or anything related to it until a good deal after I get out of college, which isn't so nice. Oh, and I finally got my cutie mark. Got any advice on possibly getting Ditto back? Any kind and/or encouraging words? Tips on improving my success in uncovering more memories? Just stopping in to say "hi?" No matter what, I always welcome any questions, comments, and other such things as these. This is Sea Salt, and I am a pony. But of course, you knew that.
  6. Well, I'm back, everypony! Won't be on as often until august probably, but i won't be completely gone

  7. Dear Princess Celestia: Today I learned that not even McDonald's will hire me. :-/

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      It sucks, but trust me based on pesonal experience, there are /much/ better jobs out there and McDonalds, especially with its low wage, will only get you so far. If you don't make it here, perhaps you can find somthing much much better for you. Also, if you even need any interviewing tips and such, you can always look online. The biggest tip many will miss is when asked if you have any questions, make sure you have some ready before the interview. My favorite question to ask in this case...

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      Bright Star

      ...is "What do you think is your favorite part of your job/workplace?" The shows the interviewer that you are interested in the job. (sorry for the paragraph of text, just know that this isn't the end, but rather just a small pebble that can be just kicked off to the side).

  8. I'm not going to be around as much for a while, on here or IRC. If you wish to contact me or chat with me, add me on skype (include a message saying who you are so that I know)

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      Oh no, is everything alright?

  9. That was rather interesting, particularly because myself and certain friends of mine had already considered it over and done with, despite attempts by others to continue it. I personally (contrary to certain parties' beliefs) consider the issue over and done with, and hold no more ill will towards any involved due to the issue.
  10. 372, and let's please only count posts that have the correct number in it from now on. that means that if there isn't a number or representation of a number, or if it's the wrong number, it doesn't count.
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