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  1. im in the same boat as you : /
  2. i'm spending the holidays drunk and alone
  3. pvp is too much fun. it would be a shame if u guys made a server and disabled it
  4. garrysmod
  5. title. how determined do you have to be to actually stay up this long? i've never stayed up for more then 24 hours, so i couldnt imagine what it would be like. is it true you experience hallucinations after staying up this long? how do you feel up untill this point? im thinking about devoting a weekend just to experience extreme sleep deprivation, but id like to hear what you ppl think.
  6. Frankenfurter #30957, please report to the cargo bay to be debriefed on your new unit designation.

  7. i want it to tickle my hyphae until i am free of this mortal coil
  8. trusty drying pan

    1. The Sweetest Belle

      The Sweetest Belle

      As opposed to the inferior frying pan.

    2. ScopeEva


      Ugh, who needs fancy pan? Just stick shovel over fire. It works just the same.

  9. today marks my first full year here. seems like a long time. wowie
  10. oh. never. kind of a shame tbh, ive been here for like a year.
  11. what is your definition of a successful hypnosis?
  13. in 7 exact days it will mark my first full year here

    1. Oscore


      Yes...be proud of your accomplishments Alphys! IT MAKES IT SO MUCH SWEETER WHEN YOU LOSE EVERYTHING! HAHAHA!

  14. T H A T S A W O N D E R F U L I D E A! http://www.twitch.tv/criken

  15. http://m.imgur.com/HcauK3m