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  1. Hey, do you still plan to update your blog?

  2. Hello there everypony! Fillyosopher here to give you all a heads-up. I've been helping various ponies with tulpa and hypnosis questions for a good while now, and I think it is time to be more proactive. So, in a few weeks, I'm going to post a personality quiz and a poll for anypony who has the time. My hope is to find habits and similarities between ponies who have difficulties with the files and tulpa, and to learn a bit more about the community at the same time. After a while, I'll post the stats for the community and my conclusions! That's for later though. This week, while I'm still writing up the test and thinking through exactly what I want to ask, I thought I'd ask the community if there was anything you wanted to know about eachother! Do you have questions about what file is the most used, or what the favorite episode is? Have a hypothesis about the community you want to test? As I make the Survey, I'll add in questions that everypony wants to know and include them in the results page. If this works out, I might repeat the survey every 6 months to see how the community changes over time, which I personally would love to see, so everypony get out your thinking hats and lets design a test! (background Twilight cheer )
  3. >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDEdKzAZgko
  4. Actively?: Red Orchestra 2 League of Legends Minecraft Borderlands 2
  5. Heya everypony, welcome to our beautiful new forum courtesy of Dapper! While much of it looks the same, there have been a few changes that might effect you. One of these things is the new groups. I'm sure you've seen the "Twilight Sparkle", "Pegasus", or "Administrator" tags which are floating beneath some ponies names. These tags are now tied to which group you are in! Unlike the old forum, there is no way to change groups yourself AT THIS TIME, so if you would like to be in a group you should request it here! A few notes though. Not all groups have banners (most notably changelings do not). The admins are somewhat busy, so be patient. No need to PM us unless it has been a week and you are still without a group. Finally, Moderation and Administration groups are restricted, so please do not ask for them here. If you want a group not on here, it can be made, but it won't have a banner until somepony makes one. The current list of groups: Twilight Sparkle Fluttershy Pinkie Pie Rarity Applejack Rainbow Dash Shining Armor Vinyl Scratch Octavia Trixie Princess Luna Alicorn - NEW Pegasus - NEW Earth Pony - NEW Unicorn - NEW Changeling Griffon - NEW Bat Pony - NEW Draconequus - NEW
  6. Hexidecimal this time! 0x01
  7. one I think 16 is the limit for tonight, folks
  8. I've tried on numerous occasions, but I've never had a fully lucid dream.  Not enough dedication to my dream journal, I think.