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  1. Today, the last few actually, I started moving forward with my lectures/videos. Hopefully I'll be able to start uploading them soon, just need my recording equipment... which wont be available until we (my wife and I) get moved to our new place... once we find it...
  2. Spoiler

    This was a wonderful episode. I agree, similar in many way to, "Magical Mystery Cure," but much more well put together. It flowed really well, in spite of being really fast paced, and shifting the focus of the story twice, with the final shift being the huge reveal at the end, which pulled the whole thing together beautifully. I loved seeing Diamond Tiara somewhat in the background in the final scene, looking like she was starting to arrange the CMC's cute-ceañera with Pinkie, not only calling back to the introduction of the CMC but also continuing with her development in the episode. I do hope they follow through with Diamond Tiara's redemption and we get to see her grow in to not only a good pony, but an asset to the town. But I'd also like to see some more dealing with her family, maybe something looking more into whats happening with her parents and her dealing with the issues they present. A spoiled and egotistical snob of a mother, and a good and productive father who is rarely around due to his work. Maybe even bringing up the possibility of a strained relationship/marriage between Filthy Rich and Spoiled Rich. I know there are a lot of ponies out there who would prevaricate an episode focusing on that sort of situation more, and I feel like they have set it things up for that possibility in the future quite well.
  3. Modified Cucumber Sandwich: (New Favorite ) Bread- 2 slices of preferred kind (for me, whole grain or 12 grain) Cucumber Slices- However many you want Long Sliced Carrots (like sandwich slice pickles)- However many you want Black and Green Olives (sliced or crushed)- Some Grated Horseradish- To taste Ranch Dressing- To taste Brown Mustered (optional)- To Taste Yes, I realize this is essentially a salad on bread... Still good.
  4. Yep, sounds about right. Same thing here. I've been avoiding my files since, until I feel 100% better.
  5. I just discovered the hard way that trying to do this while you're sick is a REALLY bad idea. I had to get up early (initially) this morning for work, normally I work the after noon shift, and thought I would try the two files I have so far to relax and feel better about the next day. This worked the first time, so I figured it would again. However, I has started to feel under the weather at school, though I thought it was just bad gas and a bit of indigestion mixed with a noted lack of sleep the past few days. Boy was I wrong. The shakes and chills started around the time I went to get a hay sandwich, and it got worse from there, adding a pounding headache. I should have stopped the session there, but was determined to finish. The teleportation felt REALLY weird, less like I was being sucked though to pop out at the library, more like I was wobbling back and forth between the locations, the destination shifting as well. I remember starting to look for the spell, then trying to use it before I found it, apparently recalling I had done it once already. Then deciding I should go home and lay down, to feel better. It was really weird as I felt half way between human and unicorn through the whole thing, half me half Prof. Coppersmith. But was sick as both. I thought it just hadn't really worked immediately afterward. But the really odd stuff happened this morning when I woke up. My dreams were feverish, but also pony related, and frightening as well. Upon waking up, the first time, I was barely able to stand and was extremely uncoordinated, decided to call in sick to work. While in the back of my head feeling bad because I had to cancel my class. Then went back to sleep. I woke up again to call in sick, since I hadn't gotten a hold of anyone the first time. initially more aware and clear headed, and managed to keep it together until I finished the phone call, mostly. Falling in to delirium afterwards, mixing up both selves and getting confused with my wife being herself or her OC. While still seeing us as us, but perceiving Equestria. The moral of this story, NEVER try using a file if you feel unwell.
  6. Thank you Katie.
  7. Thank you for the advice, I will definitely start working with it. Music definitely helps, I did try the alternate version of the file ("A spark of Magic - Fluidscape" rather than the version with classical music) first. The weird, trance-ish music definitely interfered, it kept distracting me from everything else. Where as the nice classical music in the one I finally used, worked so well. Which makes sense as classical is, as I mentioned before, something I often use to calm down, especially when I'm trying to think, read, or study. I'll also use different music for different activities, to get my mind set in the right place. The simultaneous sensations were the only real thing that made me feel a little off, other than that, I just felt floaty, aware that my bed was still there, and I was on it. It just felt like I was in two places, and two bodies at once.
  8. Thanks, The only other thing was that it felt like I was simultaneously watching it from an outside perspective and seeing it first person. It was a little disorienting at times. Beyond that, I could still tell that my body wasn't moving, and that I was ultimately still lying in my bed, though where that was exactly did get a bit blurry towards the end. I'm guessing this was due to the fact that this was my first time, yes? I'm also wondering if this went so well because of past experience I have with conscious alterations in my own perception, namely of myself, through energy work/play. Focusing on the feeling of something in or on my body, then making myself feel it actually there. If that makes any sense to anypony at all.... Ideas for how to make this work better?
  9. Good evening Everypony, I just, finally, got to lay down and have my first session with one of the files, well two actually. First I used the "Bedtime Relaxation file" which was quite pleasant, and I think helped going in to the next one, which was "A spark of Magic - Classical." First off, I have to say that the classical music was a definite help for me on this, as it has always helped to relax me, and always brings good feelings with it. I think it also helped with the specific form the scenario took. The first thing I noticed was that I seemed to automatically slip in to my OC/ponysona with this, especially surprising as this is my first time doing this. This even went so far for me as to start in a courtyard in Canterlot University, rather than just a park, further, I went to the library there rather than a public one. Finally, when the young ponys running home from school/classes past me were mentioned, I recognized them as students... my students. At the end, I didn't want to wake up, I was going to bed after all, and had a class to teach tomorrow. But when I did, I could still feel my hands and feet as hooves, and the horn on my head... even a tail. I still feel them as I'm typing this, which is really bizarre and also making it a little hard to type. Just when I started typing this post, I knocked my keys off my desk, and as I picked them up and hung them on a hook, I thought how inconvenient it is to manipulate things this way, and felt bad for Earth Ponys and Pegasus on the matter. Then immediately chided myself for it, because I knew better, while still wondering, and marveling at, how they managed it all the time. I did not expect my first time to be so detailed, or my mind to fill in so many things, even altering some parts of the scenario. I'm looking forward to doing this more.
  10. Ah, Thank you Bright Star. Sorry for the mistake.
  11. Hello Everypony, I haven't found another thread along these same lines, so I'm starting one here. This is to post MLP inspired recipes, discuss Equestrian diets, etc. Now, I would like to keep things to full recipes for dishes, confections, etc., rather than food decoration. On that note, this means purely vegetarian recipes (not vegan), so no meat products (sadly) (which includes poultry and fish) but dairy is fine, eggs sometimes (namely in baking) though if you can find or come up with a workable non-synthetic substitute, that would be really interesting to try. And finally, BE CREATIVE! Please don't just use fake meat products like "Tofurky." Further, please let us know if you have tried the recipe or not, and if you came up with it yourself or looked it up (the former would be preferred). On that note: Oat Burger (untested, original idea) - 50% oatmeal 50% pureed mushrooms Soy-sause (color and taste) Additional seasonings to taste Blend ingredients in a food processor, if properly portioned out, should come out similar consistancy to ground beef. Remove from food processor and shape in to a patty. Grill in butter on a fry pan.