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  1. Obligatory post to show I'm still alive and kicking. I do wonder what new files are out though.
  2. I'm stuck getting emails instead of notifications on here when someone replies on a post I'm following, and it will not allow me to change that setting.
  3. Oooh, Minecraft. And I've been (im)patiently waiting for Opensim, Luna! XD
  4. That song used to encourage me what I was down years ago. It's also what I needed right now. Thank you.
  5. I've hallucinated. I was also absolutely miserable (I was being forced to stay up and really wanted to get some sleep).
  6. That's what it looks like for me as well.
  7. I'm thinking it may be a bug with my group, I'm not sure. An Admin will have to look at it.
  8. Nope. Nothing but that.
  9. I am not seeing that option. Just "Edit Profile", and none of the options in there pertain to cover photos.
  10. How do you change your cover photo on your profile here? And also, what is the "profile field" for, a signature? And why can't we upload anything bigger than half a megabyte (eg. profile picture)?
  11. About a month back, my wonderland was invaded somehow by these sticky, black vines. I couldn't get rid of them no matter how I tried, and neither could any of my tulpa. It was even holding onto them and keeping them from moving. I asked a good friend of mine who is an expert in the metaphysical field and he gave me a great idea: completely destroy the wonderland, and make an entirely new, more secure one. It took me a while, but I went through the process of shielding my tulpa and completely blowing up and destroying the wonderland. I made sure it was completely destroyed, then I went through the process of creating a new one. I imagined it as an indestructible, secure snowglobe that is infinitely bigger on the inside. Then I made the only entrance/exit only allow my tupla through, and tasked Discord with verifying who's-who before letting them in. I gave him to key, so to speak. Then, I threw in a modified version of Skyrim as a start to the new land, giving everyone cozy homes and such. After that I solidified my intentions to make it a world on the astral plane that will live on unless I say otherwise. I verified that everyone was accounted for, and put them inside. A month later, no trouble and they all seem happy, especially Twilight with her giant library. I gave her access to my Akashic Records so she keeps going to that library to read scrolls/books and learn from the spirits there. Pinkie is still baking. Discord has taken on his role quite well (he's surprisingly serious). Black Dragoness is in her dragon form, sleeping on top of one of those "Word Walls". Mare Do Well does silent patrols for trouble. Rainbow Dash keeps training to make herself better, and sometimes fights mobs for fun (I made a special area just for that, they can spawn inside but can't get out with a special force field). Wubs keeps turning into different things like a chicken (IDK why a chicken) and running around. There's now a Fluttershy being cozy near the fireplace and having some of Pinkie's treats. Aurora Borealis and Aurora Nocturnus are both doing guard duty and (if required) keeping spells running for me, going freely to and from the wonderland to here. I still don't know what those vines where or where they came from, or their purpose. I also don't know if I'll ever find that out.
  12. Here's mine /)^3^(\
  13. Yeah, I created one for meditation purposes about a year or so before I thought to create any tulpa. The wonderland is more commonly referred to as "your happy place" after all.
  14. Meeee~~
  15. Skyla foalnapped by some new villain and her rescue.