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  1. *yawns* What'd I miss?

    1. Gamer Luna

      Gamer Luna

      Hello Spike! I am glad to see you back on the forums once again!

    2. KrazyDashie
    3. FlutterHi
  2. Maybe the solution isn't to run away from who I am? But to embrace it? I suppose being here helps bring out Spike in me, and the good that comes with it <3 

    1. FlutterHi


      Why would you ever run away from yourself? <3

      I know I for one absolutely love who you are and couldn't bear not having you be this lovely person you've become. :) <3

      I'll be keeping you in my thoughts, hope you're doing well! ^_^

  3. Heyyyy. Its Thorax :D

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    2. Spike


      How's my changeling buddy? 

    3. Baltoist


      Pretty good. I have lots of friends : )

    4. Spike
  4. Glad to be free of Walmart finally! Glad to go back to school and hang out with friends again! Also, I'm still alive! :D

    1. Dashie


      1) Glad you're not dead! ^_^


      2) I know how bad Wal-Mart is. I was employed there for ten months. You can breath easier knowing that chapter of your life is done! 

    2. Spike


      All I can say about it is: never again. Nope. 


    3. Dashie


      Definitely can't blame you for that! 

  5. Awesome. Where you working at?
  6. Welp. First day of work went great! :D Even if it was super boring ;)

    1. ScopeEva


      Believe me, you want the first few days to be boring.  You show up and suddenly things get interesting... well, people might notice a correlation regardless of causation. 

    2. Fluttershy³


      Wish I had a job. I need one, as my PC build is going to leave me clean out of cash.

  7. Gonna start my new job soon! ^w^ 

    1. Rarity


      Good luck sweetie! *snuggle nuzzles* :D

  8. Its all new and shiny since I was last here! Guess that's what happens when you're away for a year. 

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    2. Fluttershy³



    3. Col. Dew

      Col. Dew

      Well ya do have to scrub the floors every once and a while.

      Well Yeah*

    4. Rarity
  9. Spoiler

    I personally didn't really like the episode because it made me look like a prick.
  10. Thank you Twilight <3 <3 *huggles*