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  1. Alright, Giveaway again. The games are Commandos 2: Men of Courage, Commandos 3: Destination Berlin, Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines, Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty, all in one pack so if you win you get all of those. Just leave a comment if you want to get in, 1 enter per person. Giveaway ends on 1st of May 23:55 CET.
  2. *boops*

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    2. ThePinkBrony


      We can rebuild her, we have the technology.

    3. Greta[DawnStar]


      =D *boops again, and boops others*

    4. ThePinkBrony


      *turns into tem*

  3. Just opened IRC chat logs from 3 years ago.

    Feels weird how much this place has changed since then.

    So many ponies are absent.

  4. Wish granted, but it's a spaghetti sandwich. I wish for a water pistol.
  5. [ Yaay ^w^ 3 years old today! ]

    1. Fluttershy³


      Happy birthday, Dawny!!

    2. Greta[DawnStar]
    3. Vairaki


      [Dusk: Happy Birthday :3 ] 

  6. What can I say? I have a weird memory that forgets everything important and memorizes essentially completely useless details of things that will never be even remotely useful in my entire life.
  7. Think it was the Sugar Cube Corner line scene.
  8. Random OC I was "forced" to create for something
  9. So my Humble Bundle MLP exclusive book arrived today... again.

    I already got my book about a week ago and today another package arrived, which really confused me as I didn't order anything.

    Before the first one arrived, about a week before that I asked humble bundle if I could know how my shipment is going because a week prior people started receiving their books. They told me to contact IDW, which I did, and in about a day or two they told me that they've just shipped my book and gave me my tracking code. That book has arrived a week ago. What I'm guessing is that the original shipment which I got today was shipped but was horribly delayed, as it is about 3 weeks late.


    So yay 2 books for the price of one :D

    1. Star Shard

      Star Shard

      I got two books aswell at the same time. Something must have gone quite wrong there. 

    2. Greta[DawnStar]


      Oh wow, that's strange. Well... at least we have a spare book to gift to someone ^v^

  10. Everypony's going to bronycon, and I'm just sitting here, being an European.
  11. Pianos!
  12. ]

    That was cool. ]]]]