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  1. A bit late to the party but still. If you're really going to leave and move on some day then then I'll wish you good luck and everything in life. It's your decision and we cant stop you either. *hugs*. I hope the admin work hasn't been too much for you to handle. Great to know that you have found something to be happy about!
  2. I'm surprised to see INFP's being in majority. Usually what I've seen its the INTJ's and INTP's who hang out in forums dedicated to mental activities.
  3. As I understood it is possible to have wonderland without a tulpa. Some even might encourage or suggest to create a wonderland first in order to get into the mindset of forcing/concentrating before moving onto tulpas.
  4. I haven't heard about getting headache from hypnosis before. So I'm wondering are you relaxed or are you trying to focus too much on the voice? On what volume are you listening to it? It might be better to have sessions at a time when you are still awake and not too tired and fall asleep halfway through.
  5. We do have the changeling file under work so if you want you can give your suggestions to us and we'll see what we can incorporate . Having two different files with same purpose might sound good for the variance and for which one could work better for different ponies. Then again they might need to have same set of suggestions and maybe the same trigger too if one were to use both. The suggestions and effects could bleed into each other. Not that could be a bad thing but it might be easier to just have one trigger for the changeling experience.
  6. Speaking about accepted patches on military uniforms. Aren't civilian add-ons of any kind forbidden? That includes patches, pins, medals etc.
  7. You mean like this?
  8. I can tell you that it will be hard to get that one recorded. A Discord file has been discussed several times and there has been a general agreement that a Discord file would be too unsafe to do. Mainly because of the chaotic nature of Discord could make some unexpected changes or alterations. Another argument has been that we don't really know where Discord stands, not sure if the season 4 finale has changed that perspective. Another view on the matter could be that this community mainly focuses on self improvement and self discovery instead of using hypnosis for recreational purposes.
  9. Also forgo to ask earlier, who are saying they are unsafe? Friends? Family? People on the internet? We?
  10. Not safe in what regard? Sure we have the disclaimer but it is not initially meant to scare ponies away from us, it's meant more like to inform them about hypnosis. It is good that you know what you are going into to.
  11. I myself was wondering if it's even allowed to wear own thing's on the uniforms. I think there was some kind of follow-up to that article.
  12. It's nice to see the community giving new ideas. We are currently doing a magic file for the unicorns which includes casting magic and the sensation behind it. It should be released soon, can't say yet when. The market and the walk files could be possibly combined and perhaps be used as guided meditation. As for the changeling file, yes we know that there are changelings there who would want one but putting in a suggestion like "They obviously hunger for love and serve the queen" don't sound such a good idea knowing how this community might respond to it. As for the other character files, I think we're going to finish the modular file first which includes the different pony species.
  13. I hope that you will be able to feel better soon and come back, I'm sure there's ponies waiting for you in here.
  14. Spoiler

    Another clip is released from the new ep. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JolASHbeVgU
  15. Sounds like an awesome day Twi! Nice that ponies in this community can meet each other. I hope that you can get in where you want!