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  1. I got ISTJ.
  2. I voted breaking the ice but not by ice skating. Using a pickax to gently get ice off of objects instead.
  3. Spellsword, using magic and melee evenly.
  4. Just saw your profile picture for the first time. Damn, are we related? 

    1. Captain Doubloon

      Captain Doubloon

      Or we have good tastes in character designs. :P

    2. Scoots
  5. I sent you a pm, Cloudwing.
  6. I don't have or use skype but I can send you a pm on Sunday if you like.
  7. I'd love to have a custom file if someone was willing to make one.
  8. I said Season 4 on the poll but I actually got into MLP FiM after season 4 ended. I caught up with all the episodes with several months left before season 5 released.
  9. Are the generic pegasus and earth pony files going to get released? I've been considering wanting to reset myself and try to become my favorite background pony from the show but there's no that much info on him. It's this pony, Coco Crusoe:
  10. That's a long list of games! May I please request Bejeweled 3?
  11. Listening to the song Forfeit The Throne by The Haven. Love it. ^^

  12. I picked water, as a sea-faring pony it seems to fit.
  13. spoilers

    The baby made me instantly think of Dumbo.
  14. Looks like I'm the only one so far in the 31-40 range. I'm 32.
  15. I'm curious why my journal is in the Other Ponies section and not the Unicorn section? I guess I can also post an update on my progress as well. I haven't had much to say despite using the generic unicorn file often. Same results as I've posted in the past and now I'm trying out the new pony reprogramming file for unicorns to become Doubloon. I felt the effects better while using the file and my hands (hooves) were numb after the file ended. Throughout the day I feel small hints of ears or a horn a little bit but nothing too strongly or other body parts.