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  1. Awhile back, when I was still in school. I was on my way home, I had been having a bad day and was thinking about my little pony a lot. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, I saw the mane six all sitting around me. At the time I was on a bus, then they jumped through the side of the bus and started running alongside it. Saying encouraging things to me to make me feel better. I could see all of them so clearly. Though I knew it was in my minds eye. I couldn't physically see them. Not looking for attention or advice on it. Just wanted to share it with a group of people. I hope I'm not violating any terms of service.

    Spread the pony love, everypony!

  2. Thanks for replying right away. This has been helpful.
  3. So I have been seeing, vividly in my mind, all of the main characters around me.(Its only happened onceso far) They talk to me and I talk back to them. Is this normal? Is this good or bad? Im about to do the AppleJack file.