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  1. This site seems like it's almost completely failed in its purpose. Instead of the journals being about people's experiences of becoming ponies they're nearly all about personal psychological problems. There are some journals that actually do what they're meant to, and this is still a nice community, but it feels like half of us are completely mentally unstable.

    1. Rainbow Dash

      Rainbow Dash

      The journals are called 'journals' for a reason. :derp:
      They're about sharing our experiences with becoming ponies and our experiences as ponies. A lot of the time, they're treated more like diaries than anything else. I usually try to keep a balance between updates on actual hypno progress (If any), other related stuff (like memories), and anything else I think is worth mentioning.
      ...And besides, there's only so much you can learn from reading about others' experiences with hypno. It works differently for everypony, and first-hand experience is always the best.

    2. Bright Star

      Bright Star

      Actually, recently there has been a nice bunch of progression journals as of lately. It may not be perfect, but I still enjoy reading about everyone's experiences. Also, I don't see any wrong in asking for help when in need. 

    3. Speedyblupi2


      I get that, but it seems to me like some of these people shouldn't be messing with their minds with hypnosis in the first place.

  2. A few people have already mentioned it, but Hard Reset is amazing. It got an ambiguous reference in the season 5 finale (Spike saying "well that didn't work"). I really need to read the sequels. I've read "The Reign of Queen Twilight Sparkle", which is an alternate ending, and I'd recommend it to anyone who likes/tolerates extreme gore and clop, but I've not yet read "A Stich in Time" or "You Can Fight Fate".
  3. You know you're a pony when... holy shit guys, learn how to use apostrophes.
  4. "thrown"? Homophones, damn it!
  5. Banned for making me think about pokemon.
  6. Well, I don't really have much of an identity, especially not in the emotional sense: I am what I am physically, not what I feel like.
  7. If you can lucid dream it's possible to intentionally get a dream about anything you want, but otherwise you just have to wait, and it's entirely possible you might just never dream about ponies. Sometimes I dream about things I know little to nothing about shortly after finding out about them, and sometimes (as with MLP) I can think about something every day for months and not dream about it. It took about half a year of being a brony before anything pony related appeared in my dreams.
  8. Damn it Frinkel! 4
  9. Twelve. What? We're only on four? Well the mods aren't going to stop me!
  10. Distance, (d) is a function of the average velocity of the dog (s/ ms^-1), the metabolic rate of the dog (js^-1) at rest (r1) and while running (r2) and the energy value of the energy stores inside the dog (j), time (t) and the ratio of time spent running to at rest (x). I would work out the formula, but it's 4 am here, so I can't really do maths right now.
  11. Why on earth would I throw away a diamond sword? Unless there's something amazing about the wooden sword I'll keep the diamond one. Which MLP episode is best?
  12. Considering that we're a community of people hyponotising ourselves to think like magical ponies from a children's TV show is it really that much of a problem, relatively speaking, that the ponies are children?
  13. Aah, this comment chain is hilarious. Here's a 4.
  14. Rest