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  1. Hmmm... new style... im liking it a lot. Anyways Princess Luna group. If it doesn't have a banner YET, than Lyra (500% done)
  2. ÔÇ£Good friends,┬ágood books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.ÔÇØ ÔÇò Mark Twain (ha 1000th post on┬áThe Gathering of the 6 Elements"
  3. I think I'm the first one to get Forum Addiction DIAMOND
  4. I was number 40 on this one, but I was around for past forums, I never registered on them thougj
  6. Oh my celestia this game like blew up twee
  7. Oooooohhhhhh these look FANTASTIC
  8. I KNEW IT 2
  9. DONT BRING MATH INTO THIS..... YOU WILL ATTRACT TWI [align=center] 2[/align]
  10. Oh yeah, at the we ended up in the parking lot and the manager came up to his and he looks at me and says "what's your name?" I just looked at him, gave him my best Pinkie smile, turned around and whispered to my friends "follow my lead" ........... ........... I havent ran so far in my life
  11. So, one time I was having a party at this place where you could rent a huge housey thing for parties because we had just got out of school, and i'm just having fun and i'm like " LETS MAKE A CONGA LINE, EVERYONE FOLLOW ME" so we started a conga line (keep in mind that there was at least 150-200 people there. So we formed the conga line, I was at the front, we had to take it outside because it got so long and we uhhhmm, well we might of started walking to Wallmart, might have...... maybe...... most likely...... okay we walked INTO Wallmart ( at like 8pm ) and I'm standing at the front door, And I'm all like "FOR NARNIA!" and started running, WHILE STILL IN CONGA FORMATION. At the end we noticed that 3 kids from wallmart joined us. BEST PARTY PARTAYYY EVEEEERRRRR
  12. Had the same thing, kinda, happen to me, except they were really more of just many random smile spazms
  13. Timesplitters : future perfect, nice map builder with logic stuff