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  1. been a while since i posted something.
  2. look how many people want this, well i join in to, cuz why not.
  3. New Level up. "Airship inflitration F5DA-0000-004C-7795 try it out, it has two paths.
  4. Hello Ponies! Mario Maker has been out since Friday and no one did a thread about it yet so i start one. Share your levels if anyone also gets the game here are the first two i did so far.
  5. so it was quiet over here on my side, yes, i think i just dumb here some stuff i had to get out which i posted on tumblr and do also post here, so don't mind the stuff related to my blog. Soooo yeah idk it could be all just rubbish and well. i had a long day, it's late i am tired, i had let my thoughts just out rightaway. night.
    1. Twilight {Nightingale} ✨☪

      Twilight {Nightingale} ✨☪

      Wow, you're pretty good at that.

    2. Twilight {Nightingale} ✨☪

      Twilight {Nightingale} ✨☪

      Are these what I think they are because if they are I think you just made the list of top 5: http://fastestlaps.com/tracks/nordschleife.html

    3. gift1992


      hehe not quite, these are all street cars no racing cars :D

  6. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCkoI4PGZNk the whole soundtrack of this game is awesome!
  7. Hello dear Friends, Community and all others. Its again time for an Update, thoughts and a talk in general. This journey started without any expectations, without really the effort to change something. The Journey itself is the most important part of it, thr end doesn't matter for me, it doesn't matter how ling i need to achive things, there will be always moments that make nehappy, moments that make me sad but it's all part if it and alltogether i can be pretty happy even about the sad moments. and even when i am feeling alone most of the time, walk around places all alone, not really feeling being a part of a Community, I know i can call many here and there my Friends. I enjoy the silence, the solitude, the moments i am alone and can listen to myself, but nothing will ever be like being around others, others you cara and others who care about you. some here give me that feeling, yet i think many more probably would give that feeling too. the cosequences of my quietness is pretty much that not many do know and notice me, and so may do i not know many here. I know i am not alone, but i am flower growing, with the enough space to become what it's supposed to. If you remember ny cutie mark post this could be one of many possible meanings. As i grow, i discover that i am able to achive my dreams, as time passes i notice every there and then, how i became better. my drawings becoming better and better. the response in the last week was good and i gained more confidence thanks to everyone supporting me on my blog. and last to say, i am feeling that things are going the right direction, positive and tgat makes me happy. thanks. gift.
  8. oh yeah someone else is using rocksmith! that thing works really great for me ^.^ also desktop time!
  9. Heya all, it's late but here is my first post this year. before i come to the topic, lets take a look what i have done so in the past one and a half month so far. the year started awesome i wanna bring to you two tumblr posts from me from early january wich were two of theb est drawings i ever done so far. http://tmblr.co/ZaPknq1ZtStZx http://tmblr.co/ZaPknq1b66yx2 there is only one downside of such a thing for me, i don't wnat my next thing to be not as good as my last thing, from that there grows a huge fear of failing at this. I know this shouldn't be the thing, but it'S freaking me out and i am hinding myself from going forward cuz of this. This is a deep psychological problem of myself wich i have to get rid of because i only can win if i doodle, draw and just do something instead of fearing to do something bad. a lot of people telling me over and over again: "it's not important how good your work is, it's important to just do something every day, even doodleing for 5 minutes a day will help you" well i need to motivate me to doodle and draw just more often, i need to get away from my fears of failing, and i need to just get a more positive view of myself. well time for my main topic here! as some of you already know my biggest goal is to make my own game. for this i started to learn to draw, i hope through that to improve my creativity. thats the "is" status, i think everyone can do whatever he wants, some may have it easier than others but with enough effort, everyone can be able to reach his dream. take me as an example, if someone would have told me a year ago i would be drawing things like what i linked earlier i wouldn't believe them. i really don't have any talent in art, but i worked on it, i devote time to it (less than possible and if i would be less lazy i would have been much better) i became quite okay. well and then maybe i will be able to work on a game. maybe i should start right away already with it, like starting simple, i already did a pong clone, and learned so much from only this simple game that i see the point in it. with that, i thank to everyone supporting me on my way and all my Friends i made here. may the next post be not too delayed next time. thanks, gift.
  10. the best thing i drew yet!
  11. i will do a little bit of something different here! my top 5 of 2014! -Dark Souls 2 (seriously this game is just sooooo fantastic. 1 and 2- -South Park the Stick of Truth (not the first South Park game but defenetly the best ever made!) both are so good games! so both have the firts and second place. 3 - Mario Kart 8 (i think not even any other mario kart game has been so much fun for me ever!) 4 - smahs bros for wii u (no words here it's also much much better than the 3ds version) 5 - Bayonetta 2 (what did happened? i don't know but i had a lot fo fun!) other games to add from this year. Destiny, Bravely Default, Titanfall and Borderlands The Pre Sequel.