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  1. Quite a few things have happened, I fell asleep while forcing, forgot to force on one day, and am only getting 30 mins of forcing a day. Mostly passive too. Things can only get better! (Famous last words)
  2. I am back! I am sorry for this, life happened. So anyway, onto the thing. I am trying to make a tupla using passive forcing, I can only do about half an hour a day, and just fell asleep in an active forcing sesion. Not realy a good start, I have no idea what damage I have done, but if you would destroy a tupla for not matching up with what you want then you have little respect. The tupla herself is based of my freind's OC. Her name is Jade, she is a earth pony(The rarist type of OC). I have not started on looks yet, I want to get her talking first. So far I have been going four days and any help would be(guess what) helpful. - L
  3. Banned becuse... YOUR FACE
  4. You could play it at 24 pictures a second. Make it sublimanal. You will need hundreds of photos or to loop it though.
  5. I am still here. somtimes, my brain is all better(ish)

    1. Brain


      When my brain was weird what I had to do was make sure i got daily morning sunlight after 7-9 hours of sleep, make sure I have balanced amounts of sodium and potassium, make sure I exercise in the morning, eat healthy, and watch comedy and google anything my curiosity dictated.

  6. My best way to start the morning is to force myself to listen to pony hypnosis, even though it gives me nightmares. then drink a mug of black coffee, go for a run then sit and read, or write. bliss.(hahaha good one Lucifer, drinking all that coffee will do a number on your kidneys) I do not do this everyday.
  7. if you did either of these things, the world would become a very boring place. if you got rid of biased thought then we would all still be cavemen, Lauren Faust herself can be considered biased. I just thought I should say that nutters like Albert Einstein that have the mad biased thoughts that gave us all the wonderful things we have today. as for unconditional love, it would be great, but someone, somewhere has to lose out. (just thought I should say this.)
  8. hmmm. I did have bad expirences in the past with hypnosis. but my mind does what I tell it to. I only stopped because it was affecting me to the point were I could not think straight, so could not continue making progress. I don't really have any intrest in any of the other ponies, sorry to say. maybe it just boils down to the fact I am not built for becoming somthing so light and cheerful. I might still lurk on the site to help ponies somtimes. but at the end of the day I am built for other, more malevolent things, like testing out beta hypnosis files and bouncing back from side effects. but no matter how hard I try with this, the side effects will be the same. I just hope I have added somting productive to this (wonderful) comunity, and hope to still be of some use. well I am done wrapping things up. - lucifer
  9. So, I have not posted in awhile. this is because I thought the nightmares would stop, they got worse and turned so campy and scary I was forced to stop hypnosis. A good scientist knows when to stop and after nine nights of them getting worse and worse I drew the line. I am now back to private projects, but have to stay away from pony hypnosis. I don't know what it was that triggered them, but I assume it is one of those effects that only happens in 1 of 20,00 people or something. but it would be bad to draw a conclusion from just one set of data .so I will just say that this is an extremely rare side effect and no one else should be worried about it. but for me the game is up(and this is now inactive) signing out - Lucifer
  10. Evanescence - wake me up inside. Tristam Braken: frame of mind. wagners ride of the valkyries i have them on loop.
  11. I have given up on labeling them by the day, i have too much stuff going on. anyway I suffered my first negative side effect: nightmares. I can only post a edited version of the first one as the others are too dark. i awoke in a mansion, one i reconsidered as my mind palace. There was a knock at the door and i opened it. Rainbow Dash was stood there, i yelped and jumped back. the mansion started rotting around me. Rainbow dash smiled at me and said"I am proud of how much you have fallen". the rest are too dark to post. i have no idea if this is because of the bad experiences i have had with hypnosis in the past, non the less it was scary.
  12. as @silvermoon said, if you worked in Microsoft word it should save it. second, I can not understand any of this, you are entitled to privacy, your friend is a bad friend from the sound of it. third don't give up, no matter what happens things can only get better, I know from experience.
  13. I can record it if some-pony straightens it out. My microphone is low definition, but i have a audio editing program that can help, straighten it out, give me a week and I can do it. (PM me)
  14. sorry I keep missing days. Some stuff came up IRL that I had to fix. so yes i just got back, spent the whole day listening to the file, and i could feel hooves! I was not expecting results this fast. it was weird, it was like they were "ghost hooves". anyway I have much work to do! Files tried: Rainbow Dash 2.0 Results: hooves! Suggestions: .... Times listened to file: 9? or something like that
  15. my name? my name is a symbol for all the terrible things i have done, and a reminder that i did them for the right reasons, when i am old and gray I will look back on the people I have protected(hopefully with a glass of scotch in my hand), the fights I have fought(and mostly lost) and the fact that through all this I still manage to crawl home and fix myself. I do the things that need to be done, that no body else wants to do. I simply am, just that, just am. (that was melodramatic :/)