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  1. What am I doing here? No, I don't mean that in the sense I don't know my purpose around these parts, but quite literally; what the hell am I even doing? Without headphones I can't do files, my imposition work consists mainly of imposing roleplays, and tulpamancy is just playing games now. So...what am I really doing? I'm holding the line, and honestly that frustrates me like nothing else because I don't know what to do to improve, or even if I can. In either case, I still want to. Now luckily, things are still going well. My imposition is still growing and my trancing skills, both as a subject and hypnotist are growing exponentially quickly. Pandora, Midnight, and Elise have all been active, and I've pinged Arcturus once or twice to make sure he's not dead. Scratch...I don't know what happened to him. He disappeared, and I'm not totally sure where he went. The Applebloom file is coming along nicely and should be done by June. All in all, a good month's work, but I still want to know; where do I go now? What do I do different to become better? What am I doing here? What should I be doing here?
  2. Journal resurgence II: Electric Boogaloo. So, how have I been? I have been well enough, and some new developments arose from my latest works. I began writing files for the community, and with the Scootaloo file finished and an Applebloom file well on its way to completion, I am hoping to become a fixture in the writing scene for this community. I have plans for a plethora of files. Aside from that, I have been exercising my mental muscles more and more. My imposition has been coming back in flashes and I am starting to regain the wondrous feelings I had when I was younger. It is nice to feel again, and with every file I write and session I conduct my skills as writer improve while my self hypnotic work has continuously made me a better subject. With all this, there is one more thing to be mentioned. I am realizing I am...indecisive when it comes to forms, given how much I'm enjoying my time as Nightmare Moon currently. While I will continue to be known as The Sweetest Belle in the community, I think it is time to embrace the polymorphism of myself and just accept that whatever form I am, the core of my being and my desires for myself and this community will still be here no matter who I choose to be. I can't decide, Madame Moon (Sweetie Belle)
  3. Found this today and am slightly addicted to it's beauty and charm.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ch8CbWWpRK8
  5. 1791
  6. 1789
  7. Yeah, be careful with wings. They're very easy to damage or sprain, and they hurt like a buck to the face when they are. It's best to avoid lying on your back if you can, and ESPECIALLY not on your sides. Belly down, and I've found back works if you splay them out. In general though, avoid putting them in situations where they have even a possibility of getting hurt.
  8. Banned for being too cute.
  9. Granted, your stories are now the best in the world; however, you can't ever publish any of them or even relay them to anypony else. Your stories will never be told despite their quality. I wish for a million dollars.
  10. And now for something completely different.

    File work is going strong. I don't think I'll reopen my journal for a while, not until I've completed my return to where I was.


  12. Granted, now they're calling your name for the sole purpose of reminding you about past failures. I wish I was more careful with what I eat.
  13. I don't honestly know what I'm doing here anymore. I'm not doing hypno and I'm barely a pony, although not because I don't want to be.


    I feel stale here.

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    2. Frinkeldoodle


      I'm not doing hypno and I'm not a pony, but meh. There's something about the community that makes me want to stay, myself.

    3. Princess Fluttershy

      Princess Fluttershy

      I don't do hypno that often either, mostly due to time constraints and lack of motivation. I still like it here though. The community is fun. :) 

    4. ThePinkBrony


      I feel the same.

  14. Banned for not enough characters.
  15. Granted, but the price is your cup of hot chocolate you wanted to put marshmallows in. I wish I had friends. ;-;