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  1. Banned for not supporting Butter Horse for global domination.
  2. It bothers me the banned has such low res pones.

    1. Amber Streak

      Amber Streak

      Yeah, it's something that needs to be replaced. I need to make something to replace it still, heh.

    2. Star Shard

      Star Shard

      Its becouse its the banner from the old forums. Which has a different size than the new one. So it was stretched out to fit better. 


  3. 1795
  4. Happy birthday, Studel! Hope its a good one! :)

  5. Banned for not encouraging butter wrestling
  6. Banned for not posting an arc of text.
  7. Banned for not being a giant floating avocado
  8. 1750
  9. Banned for not being in a sexxeh maid dress as per the latest Equestrian laws.
  10. Banned in the name of the leader of the democratic republic of pastries.
  11. Banned for not unbanning snuggles so there fore breaking the law against snuggles
  12. Banned for squeaking
  13. Banned for not applying a retroactive fix
  14. Banned because the pineapples are blameless *pineapple relief noises*
  15. Banned for not having a 20k mah power pack named fred