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  2. I haven't posted in a while, so here's why... I haven't really been using the files lately as they haven't been working for me. I'm planning on using files again, but am unsure on what one's to use... Can anypony help me?
  3. Today's topic will be the first-part of the two-part topic on the City Loop. Here's a picture of it on the network map... There are five stations on the city loop, three of which are underground! The two above ground stations are Southern Cross (formally Spencer Street) and Flinders Street. Flinders Street (Picture taken by Wikipedia user 'Adam.J.W.C". Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic license. Flinders Street is no doubtfully the busiest station on the Melbourne rail network! The station building is also an iconic landmark in Melbourne and was constructed in 1909. The station is currently going under a $100 million refurbishment project which will see urgent repairs made to the building. Here's a photo I took showing off one of the station's platforms. (You can also see the Elizabeth Street clock tower in the background) Southern Cross Station (Photo taken by 'Marcus Wong Wongm'. Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic license.) Southern Cross station (formally known as Spencer Street) is Melbourne's second busiest station and is the opposite to what Flinders Street is, being that it's a pretty modern station. It was reconstructed between 2002-2006, replacing the previous building constructed in the 1960's. (Not too sure on who photographed this, I found this via Google Images.) Part 2 coming soon!
  4. I've got some more pictures to share now... On the entirety of Melbourne's Train fleet, there's these PID (Passenger Infomation Displays) advising what the next stop is. (In this case, the display is showing "The next station is Caulfield", though part of it is cut off as the message scrolls from right to left). When it approaches a station, the display changes to "Arriving *Insert Station Name Here*". An announcement is also made in which a female voice says "Now arriving at *Insert station here*". The announcement may also include information on if it's an interchange station (the announcement would then add "Change here for *Insert Line name here* service(s)" onto the now arriving at announcement), if the train runs express to another stop ("From *Insert Name of Station the train's arriving at*, this train runs express to *insert another station's name here*), or if it's terminating at the next station ("This train will be terminating at *Insert station name here*"). Some models also include a pre-termination message heard just as you depart the station before the terminus ("The next station is *insert terminus here*, this train will be terminating at *Insert station name here*"). There's also announcements made before the service starts, advising where it's going, if it's stopping all stations or a limited express service, and if it's running via the City Loop (will discuss another time) or it's running direct to (meaning it's not going through the loop). Here's an example of the announcements used on a Melbourne train (taken from a train running a service to South Morang via the city loop). (Video uploaded by Ryan O'Malley) Melbourne's previous train operator, Connex used slightly different onboard announcements to what Metro uses. I'm telling you, the old Connex one's sound totally off at times! (Videos uploaded by Ryan O'Malley (first one) & dvasil987 (second & third one) ) Hopefully, you made it through those videos without laughing on how terribly funny they are... Anyways, there's also special auxiliary announcements used when a train's not taking passengers, if there's been a fault and the train needs to terminate, if there's been a delay, and many other possibilities that can happen on the network. Here are some videos (most of them show off the ones from the Connex days of the network, but the last one shows off the Metro version of the 'not taking passengers' announcement) (The first and last videos were uploaded by Ryan O'Malley, all the other ones were uploaded by shockme001 ) That's all for today...
  5. I don't know if this is the correct place to post this thread, but it's close to the subject I'm posting on (since it has photographs I've taken)... I thought I would share photographs I've taken of Melbourne's public transport system (main the suburban rail network). For starters, here's a map of the current network (Make sure to read the key in order to get a better understanding of the actual map)... If you don't like reading, here's one that replaces the station names with symbols... Here's the typical interior of a suburban train (taken on June 12, 2016)... That's all for now! I might share more pictures later...
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  7. Don't have much to say... Did a session last night with hardly any results. -Tricky
  8. Banned for having a Skype.
  9. Banned for not acknowledging copyright laws.
  10. Banned for forgetting.
  11. Don't have much to say. What I can say is last night's session failed due to me unable to find a comfortable position. -Tricky
  12. Banned for being fined for littering.
  13. Banned for not liking tea.
  14. Banned for eating cookies.
  15. Banned for being a ninja.