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  1. Welcome to the site! I hope you manage to find your way around well enough, and enjoy your time here ^.^
  2. I would put the water bottle in my backpack, find a weapon shop somewhere at the mall, as they're common, smash the glass cases with the walking stick, grab a gun and melee weapon, and shoot and slash my way out. You're in a helicopter that is malfunctioning over 100 ft in the air. You have a dead pilot, a rope, and a knife.
  3. Banned for being a star that only appears at midnight
  4. Wish granted, but the people you don't meet hate your guts. I wish I was a robot.
  5. Hey, so I was wondering if anyone here would be interested in joining my server. It's lightly modded with a custom map, and will be receiving occasional updates to help keep things interesting. If you want more information on the mods, I have the pack hosted on Technic and Curse.
  6. Wish granted, but they look like a fox. I wish I was good at chess.
  7. Wish granted, but your gender has been swapped. I wish I had good friends and not the butt who's sitting next to me.
  8. 1807
  9. Wish granted, but instead it goes to the topics about music. I wish corruption of any form didn't exist in any universe
  10. Hey, so... I'm back! Sorta. I just wanted to see what has been going on here lately, so I decided to return. 


    Also, apparently I had the most liked content on July 10th of last year. Shows just how long I've just not paid attention to my profile. 

    1. Baltoist


      Welcome back

  11. Banned for being an apple.
  12. Granted but it tastes like broccoli I wish I had food.
  13. Granted but you're King Sombra. I wish I didn't have to deal with the terrible teachers.
  14. Granted but they're all like me. I wish I was a better friend.
  15. Granted but you fail to do things all together. I wish I could wake up on time.