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  1. Been a while, huh?

    1. Greta[DawnStar]
    2. Polaris


      Indeed, it has been a while.

  2. Unicorn please.
  3. I'm currently at SCAD and it's pretty cool

    1. Lyra♥
    2. Scager


      my friend goes there and I've been there too. Pretty neat place, yeah. What major are you looking at?

  4. Commissionsssss~ postimg.org/image/u916rfven/ & postimg.org/image/wevhlxyv3/

    1. Fluttershy³


      They're adorable :P

  5. Alright, so there's been a new discovery. I have found another pony with connections to me through their memories. She has had numerous memories of both me and my brother, her being various ages in them from a small filly to a teenager. Not quite sure what to think of this new situation, or how she might have connections with me, but only time will tell, I guess. Her name is Milano, and she has already included both me and Omega by name in her journal, so I assume she'd be fine with me doing the same. I suppose that's it for now. ~Origin~
  6. Dying my hair grey today. Excite.

  7. I really don't know what constitutes writing in here, but I guess this is worth an entry. Alright, so the other day, somepony I know made a remark on a theory they had about me that stuck in my mind. The basic just of it was that, due to the level of similarity between me and my brother Omega; in an opposite way; that we might have originally been one Alicorn split into two beings. A unicorn, and a Pegasus. This... Is a really weird thought, for pretty obvious reasons. I'm also sort of uncomfortable with it because it has a bit of possibility behind it. There have been instances where I've been struck with a sort of longing for him on the verge of pain; I remember having made remarks feeling like "He's my other half", though I'm pretty sure I didn't mean it in a literal sense. I'm just not really sure what to think about it. It's just kind of floating there right now, and I'm kind of hesitant to explore it. Anyway, I guess that's it for now. I think I need to sort my thoughts out... ~Origin~
  8. I'm back from Europe/Rome/Etc.

    1. Vivian


      :o welcome back! I had wondered where you had disappeared to
  9. Welp. It's been a year now, since my last one (Literally, a year and one day. That's kind of funny.), and I guess I should update this? Like give a summary on what's been going on with me and the stuff I've found out. Well, first off, I've figured out my talent and cutie mark. That was a while ago. You can just barely see it clipping off in my profile picture. It's a four pointed star, with rounded points. A small staff like holder wraps around the bottom of it, and goes down the sides of my legs. In other words, It's kind of odd. Here's a picture of me that I had drawn at Bronycon last year. It's a good representation. From what I can tell, it represents Creation magic. Yes, straight up the ability to create things out of nothing more than the particles in the air, and some magical effort. I suppose it kind of fits with my name and all. The other big thing is the discovery of a brother. His name is Omega, and he's a pegasus. He's a dark charcoal grey, almost black. His mane and tail are the same colors as mine. His eyes are grey, but a darker one than mine by a bit. His cutie mark is very similar to mine, but the edges of it are more pointy, and the staff part is cracked in a few places, as is the star, right through the center. (It's also white, to stand out against his coat if that wasn't obvious. It'd be basically invisible otherwise.) As far as I can tell, it's a direct parallel to mine. Destructive magic. Anything that has to do with the manipulation of already existing things, and a lot of combat type spells. Yes, that's right, spells. He's able to preform magic with his wings. He obviously can't do magic while flying though. I think I'd remembered why this was possible, but it's been so long at this point that I can't remember(honestly). If I recall why, I will post it here. I get the feeling that the two of us were important somehow, if only because of the kind of out of the ordinary talents. I really don't know why... So there you have it. Origin and Omega; the beginning and end. Creation and Destruction. This was a while ago, and I honestly still don't know what to make of it all. Guess I'll have to figure it out in time. Anyway, yeah. I'm here. Still trying to find him... As a side note, the name "Rune" has really wormed it's way into my head for some reason, and I can't get it out. Just another thing I don't understand I guess. ~Origin~
  10. My life has been different from others for as long as I can remember; and as I begin to discover why, I fear the future more and more. I can only hope that things turn out alright.

  11. Well, I'm finally doing this. I suppose I should introduce myself, this being the first entry and all. I'm Origin, though some of you might have seen me around before as LeonidasCraft. The reasons for the change... are too complex to go into, so I'm not going to. XP I suppose you all can probably see all this from my profile picture, but I might as well describe it anyway; I'm a white unicorn mare, with a light grey mane and grey eyes. There's a little grey area on my muzzle as well. I'm not sure of my cutie mark or talent yet, but those will come with time... hopefully. My experience with all this has been odd, to say the least. I suppose it's worth mentioning that I was previously using the Twilight files, but have stopped due to recent discoveries. I've taken to listening to the spa file when I need to relax, but aside from that, I've just been listening to music and trying to learn more about who I am. I'm not really sure what I'll be writing in here, but It'll most likely just be any further information I gather about myself. To be honest, from what I've put together so far, I'm a little frightened to continue. But I know that I need to; this isn't something I can ignore. Anyway, that's it for now. Signing off, ~Origin~