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  1. Hey everyone,


    Sorry for the long time.....


    Its not going to be a long status update today..


    Our bunny has passed away. We brought him to the vet to put him down.


    He was laying on the ground the whole day and he was unable to walk or crawl to get food or water.


    He was 5 years old and he was the sweetest bunny ive ever had.


    Im really going to miss him.


    And i passed the theory test for my drivers licence, now i need to wait 10 weeks before i can do the practical exam. And when i passed that one, then i got my drivers licence.


    Thanks for reading.

    1. BxcomingPxpular


      I'm glad to hear about your licence, dear, but I really am sorry to hear about your bunny...

  2. Hey everyone,


    First... Im very sorry that i haven't been online.for such a long time.


    I have some problems in my life which I'm trying to solve and I have problems with my parents.

    I won't be online very much in the coming weeks, maybe months.


    Also my bunny became even more sick and I don't know if he is going to be around much longer.


    I will do my best to keep you updated.


    You can also find me on the discord server.

  3. Welcome!
  4. Hey! That's all
  5. Bad news.....


    I didn't pass the theory exam for my driver's licence.


    I had 1 fault too much...


    I was allowed to make five faults (out of 65 questions) and I had 6 faults...


    I doing my second attempt on the ninth of June so I'm going to study a lot for that second attempt.


    Tomorrow is going to be fun though.


    Me and a friend are going to work on a nice little project.


    We are going to build a really fast skelter.


    To be precise.... A motorized skelter...


    Today I bought a small petrol engine and I did some work on it, changed the air filter, cleaned it, made sure the throttle is working and a lot of other things. And we are going to start that engine for the first time tomorrow and I'm really curious if it runs or not.


    And when that engine runs we are going to place it on a skelter, so then we got a motorized skelter, and maybe I'm getting a sports exhaust for it so it will sound a bit better.


    I also got led lighting for the front and the back, and a small scooter battery for the lights.


    I will let you know if it started or not tomorrow.


    Have a good night y'all!

  6. Wednesday is going to be pretty exiting!


    I'm going to do my driver's licence theory exam this Wednesday!


    I've studied pretty hard for this but I'm still a bit nervous...


    And as soon as I know the results I will let you all know!



    1. Princess Fluttershy
    2. Baltoist


      good luck

    3. Littleheck


      Good luck and remember to signal on the parallel park!

  7. I messed up....


    Hi everyone,


    Well... I messed up, and I messed up pretty bad...


    Tomorrow I got an appointment with an attendance officer.


    There is a long story behind this...


    About 5 years ago I started at highschool. I got high grades and I did very well at school, my parents were proud of me and I was pretty happy about my school results. And the first 4 years went very well and I graduated from Vmbo-T (level of education)


    When I graduated I wanted to go to a higher level of education and I decided to go to Havo (higher level of education) but then the missery started. My grades went down, and I just couldn't get high grades. And I came to the point that I can't make it anymore on this school. basically... I messed up..    But then I remembered a friend of mine who was able to arrange that he could go to work instead of going to school for the remaining schooldays. I am trying to arrange this too and tomorrow I'm hearing if it's possible for me to do that.      So I'm hoping it's possible because I hate my current school.    

  8. I'm a bit late with this but here it is... I'm sad to see you go, but I wish you the best of luck with whatever you are going to do!
  9. I'm really late, but welcome! And if you wanna talk to someone, just send me a pm! Have fun on the hypnoponies network!
  10. IM GOING CRAZY!!!!!


    ahh... Some say that spring is the most beautiful season there is..


    For me it's a hell....


    Why you might ask..... Hay fever... yay....


    My eyes are completely red and itchy.... But if I touch them it'll become even worse....


    Even when I'm taking medicine I still feels like I'm dying....


    Well... I guess I'll survive...



    1. BxcomingPxpular


      That is always a danger when it comes to Spring.

  11. They are finally here!!!


    The pictures I promised you all....


    It was a very nice Holliday and we had beautiful weather, a constant temperature of around 27°C and a lot of sun.


    We stayed in an agriturismo (sort of farm with houses you can rent) and it was in the middle of nowhere.. litterally!


    It was at least a 15 minute drive to the nearest village which didn't have a shop. And when you wanted to go to the shop it was at least a 40 minute drive but it was very nice there, we had internet, airco, heating and a couple of animals.


    We had a couple of pets there. not actual pets but just random animals who came by every evening to get some food or water.


    First we had the farm dog, it was a young and very sweet dog. (See picture)


    Then we had a little cat family. 4 exactly the same black cats with one white spot.


    And there was also a wild fox, and he came by every evening, so we gave him a little bit of dog food every day. And he started to get more close to us every day, and eventually he was eating at just one meter distance from me. (See picture)


    I also hired a quad and went on an off-road trip which was pretty cool, and those quads were pretty comfortable too!


    That was my vacation.


    I'm studying for my drivers licence theory test at the moment and I'm hoping I can pass it at the first try.


    Well... That's all for today!


    Thanks for reading and have a nice day!


    (Sorry for the picture quality of these pictures, I took those pictures with my tablet, but I got a lot more high quality pictures which I made using my phone and camera)








    1. Littleheck


      That place looks so cool and comfy in the middle of a nice landscape.  Sounds like it went well!

    2. Baltoist
  12. I changed my name on here!


    Now I have the same name as on the hypnoponies discord server.


    And I added the name of my tulpa too, and that is because she asked me. We are able to communicate now and sometimes she wants me to type something for her. And if I do [then I will do it within these]


    That's all, enjoy your day!

  13. Home sweet home!


    Ahw... I really missed my own bed.... And I really missed my bunny.


    But I got some bad news... My bunny's health dropped again. And his back legs are almost completely paralyzed now.


    But we are not giving up on him! He is still a happy bunny and he is still eating and drinking.


    I am going to design a bunny wheelchair for him, and with that wheelchair he is going to be able to walk again.


    (See the attached picture to see a bunny wheelchair)


    I will keep you all updated on the bunny wheelchair project, and I promise I will add Holliday pics to the next status update (I'm just too tired to add them now)


    I had to get out of my bed at 4:40am arrived at the airport at 7:50am flight took off at 9:55am landed at 12:15pm drove hkme, arriived at home around 13:55pm. Picked up my bunny, unpacked my bags, watch a football game only to see your favorite club gets beaten and they won't be champions this year...


    My tulpa made some huge progress during my vacation but I will tell you more about that I next status update, because tired...











    1. Baltoist


      poor bunny D:

  14. Hey! Welcome to the website! I hope you enjoy yourself here, and if you got questions or if you just wanna talk then you can always send me a pm! And that's a really cute pone u got there!
  15. Hey everypony!


    Yup... I'm still alive...


    The internet has been fixed today! It broke 4 days ago...


    Well... In short, Im having a great vacation and we got good weather, Around 24°C 


    My bunny is doing great at my grandparents' house he is hopping and jumping and he is enjoying himself there.


    We are flying home on Sunday morning, and Sunday evening we will be home.


    I rented a quad and went out on an off-road trip. And I ate a lot of good Italian food.


    Now something completely different, my tulpa seems to be completely sentient now. She sleeps a lot currently but she reacts when I say something, and I also added her name to my discord name in the discord server.


    I'll post a new status update when I'm home, and it will have pictures!

    1. Littleheck


      Ooh, wonderful to hear so much good news!  Cheers to a good vacation!