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  1. I just ate a bowl of oats. Nope, not oatmeal. Oats. It was great, but I needed to drink a lot of water. I totally suggest more ponies do this more frequently. I enjoyed it actually more than cooked oats. Maybe I should put milk directly on them to prevent the thirst problem? ...don't use steel cut, though. That's just asking for trouble. With your teeth shattering.
  2. Whoa, that was strong. I got so far deep in trance, I could literally not move. And this happened without me consciously paying attention to the voice. My conscious mind actually "woke up" from how suddenly I was falling. This is rather surprising, considering how long it has been. Though my typing-with-hooves muscle memory is kinda lacking. Not too bad now, though. I'm going to try the Visual Reprogramming file now. My first time listening to it, in fact. Updates about that later. (For real this time. I won't get distracted.) ...I feel rather stupid for not doing this sooner. While I do not yet "see" my pony body naturally (expected), the file is probably one of the best reinforcers I've seen. Now if somepony would hurry up and finish the Generic Earth Pony file already, that would be great.
  3. Okay, I need to do something today. I just found that while I still can create ears, as always, I no longer can make hooves. Well, not easily. It would take a lot of time, and I might as well listen to a file. With how long each of them is, I always either don't have the time, or I procrastinate. Yeah, it's a mystery to me, too. Why would I procrastinate this? Anyway, once I get my Calc III homework done, I'll see if I have the time before class to do a session. If not, I'll just do it after class. Either way, I'll be back in a few hours to catalog the effects, and my future plans.
  4. All right, one more question - what sort of pony do you want? As generic a pony as possible? A specific character? An OC? Or do you want me to choose the character from the kind of expression it is? Well, two questions. My tablet-drawn art is getting significantly better (look at my profile), and I noticed that the emotes you linked were not vector. Which style would you prefer? (Hand-drawn will be faster, but vectors look cleaner and are scalable to any resolution. It doesn't matter to me which you choose.) Still, this is going to take a while. I'm going to put it on my list of things to do, but I also am writing fanficion, and I am about to start summer classes for college. I will do it, but it might take a while. Sorry about that. Still, I will make the effort to make them the best I can.
  5. The interrupted session, predictably only had effects for a short time, held together mostly by force of will and concentration. When life happened, that went away, and my form was lost. Whether I do another session today really depends on if I have over an hour of uninterrupted time. Which sounds easy, but is harder than it sounds at this point of transition between semesters. Still, I plan to practice my energy manipulation and practice trying to transform that way, without hypnosis at all. Whether I tell you how that goes today or tomorrow really depends on how much time I have and if I remember to do it when evening comes. Well, signing off for now, Aurora, the Earth pony.
  6. Yeah, the restarting thing didn't work out like I thought. My parents came to visit, I had a whole bunch of college things to deal with... I got extremely busy. But breaks are always rather good for hypnosis, at least for me. Makes the audio files seem newer in my mind, and therefore work more effectively. It also helps me not think of the small effect they had in the past. If I don't think they'll work that much, then they won't. If I think they'll work perfectly, then they will be much more effective. All right, time to listen to Body Reprogramming. Back in an hour or so with the results. Okay, I got interrupted halfway, but due to some energy stuff I was doing beforehoof and during the session, the physical part worked. (Most of the second half dealt with memory, so... good, but not super-important right now.) I am typing with hooves right now, so I consider that a success. I noticed something this session, though. Other than just the fact that being woken up from a deep trance is just like REM sleep, it is a ton easier to keep my mind from wandering if I am simply concentrating on the energy within my body, and making it build up and gather pressure. It busies a large, bored part of my mind as well as making the transformation easier.
  7. Could you give a few more specifics on how you want them to look? Do you want them to look more like show-accurate ponies? Do you want them more shaded? Do you want just profiles, or full body? And what sorts of specific emotes do you want? I want to make sure I only draw the ones that will be useful for you.
  8. Yeah, I've been busy (and sick) for a while, and I haven't had the time necessary to listen to 1 hour+ files. Now, I restarted my hypnosis, and now, since I know so much more about hypnosis this time, it was a lot more effective. I even managed to tie a knot with hooves (which I got on first listen). Unfortunately, while playing a board game with some friends, I turned back into a human. (The family doesn't know I'm a brony, they just knew I was doing an experiment where I was trying to function without opposable thumbs.) There were just too many pieces for it not to be frustrating for everyone. Unfortunately, the transformation back into a pony wasn't as strong after the game ended, so I don't know if I've progressed much in the duration of the effects. I did realize this time that with the audio files, I have to wait at least a day before using the same file more than once. I simply memorize them too quickly, and my mind likes to wander away from the voice. Unfortunately, this means that my test of the Pony Visual Reprogramming file is going to have to wait a day or two, until I can verify the effective duration of the Body Reprogramming. I know the Visual Reprogramming is going to be difficult, and is going to take a long time to work, so I want to make sure my physical changes are in order before I focus my efforts on that. (If any of you have experience with both of these files, guidance would be helpful. Is it better to work on both at the same time? Or only one, as I suspect?) Before I re-listened to the file, I tried transforming once more, and it had a surprising effectiveness, but the duration was only as long as I was generally concentrated on it. (As expected.) Still, this means that there is a slight permanent effect of the file, even after one listen. (After over a month of not doing any hypnosis, whether self-hypnosis, or file-induced.) In an hour or two, I will listen to the file again. Depending on the permanence and duration of this iteration, I will either listen again tomorrow (most likely), or start the Visual Programming in addition. I realized recently that I will never get a perfect permanence from only the Body Reprogramming, since there are too many anti-suggestions just from looking at myself. So, I have decided to just judge how close I am to full effectiveness without those anti-suggestions, then start the Visual.
  9. Ahh.... yeah. (As an Earth Pony, I have no generic file, and I didn't do a character file, so I use Pony Body Reprogramming, which can be more permanent, but also takes longer, and is easier to go back and forth with only a verbal/mental trigger.)
  10. I have gotten scarily good at using things with hooves, even tying knots. But if I really do start to have difficulty, I can transform into a human surprisingly fast. I don't like to do that, since transforming back is a bit harder, and the transformation is a bit weaker, but it works. (By the way, I loved that Discord joke.) Anyway -- You know you're a pony when you can casually read a fanfiction, and immediately spot small inconsistencies in pony syntax.
  11. You know you're a pony when you think of opening your umbrella with your mouth instead of your hooves. You know you're a pony when you dream about ponies, but your brain thinks it's so normal that you never remember any of them. You know you're a pony when raw oats suddenly taste excellent. (No, seriously, they do.) You know you're a pony when typing suddenly becomes incredibly difficult and slow. (It gets better, but...)
  12. Well, my normal experiences could be considered weird for some people, as I transform by manipulating my internal energies to fit the shape of the pony limbs. That could be kinda considered weird, but the actually weird experience I felt was when I was biking, and since biking is so common that it has become completely automatic for me, I was able to transform while biking. While this logically would result in an awkward "pony tries to operate bicycle" situation, it ended up more like I fused with the bicycle and was galloping really fast. This was both the best experience ever and the strangest experience ever. (There were no visual components of this experience. I have not gotten good enough to see myself as a pony yet.)
  13. While it's sad to see you leave, I completely understand your reasons, and I wish you luck in whatever else you do in the future.
  14. Woo! Two week anniversary! Anyway, there hasn't been much to update recently, since most of it has just been reinforcement - no real experimentation. But something fun happened today, and I thought it might benefit some people to share. I rode a bike. Yeah, it doesn't sound that interesting. Let me rephrase that. I rode a bike as a pony. ...And that just sounds awkward. It was a bit different than that, though. Me, plus the bike, became the pony. I... sort of... extended my energy over the bike, and it became part of me. I was able to gallop at real speed. Now, did I feel all of my legs and hooves while doing this? No. But does a pony really think about the placement of their hooves as they run? I wasn't really trying for that. To be honest, I wasn't trying to do this in the first place. It just happened. It was fun, it was exhilarating, and I definitely want to do something like that again. Also, it had the odd effect of making my bike paniers (the bags that go on the side of a bike) become my saddlebags. Fortunately, though, that is a name that is socially acceptable to refer to them as. Unlike "anypony" or "everypony" that I constantly have to hold back. You can try this yourself, but... unless you are someone who commutes constantly by bike, this is not going to work. Everything, from the pedaling, the gears, the brakes... all of it has to be completely automatic and mindless for this to work.
  15. ...not much. I was mostly focusing on my fanfiction I'm writing. I'm trying to edit and rewrite the beginning, as well as make illustrations for each of the chapters. I got Chapter 1 done today. (Which includes both Chapter 1 and 2 of the previous edition. The chapters were way too short.) And making illustrations takes a long time. Harder than writing, definitely. __________ Oh! It just got featured! Cool. Don't know why, though. It has had plenty more views/day than this. If there is any sort of algorithm for Featured stories, I don't know what it is. I'm starting to think it's more of a "staff choice" than anything else.