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  1. boops ARandomBrony by dumping blueberries all over them
  2. boops Pink with syrup
  3. Boops shiron with a mouse riding a computer mouse for the lack of booping the pony immediately above them
  4. scrunches ♪ also scrunches boops you with an Everfree Pony badge
  5. Banned for replying more than a minute after me.
  6. Banned for posting just now.
  7. Maud. June 12. They're multiplying! Thankfully, there haven't been any that I haven't at least put a little intentional effort into forcing. - Azyra tried to switch fully with me. It didn't work. She kept losing some of her control and ended up passing out after about 50 minutes. Just too much I guess. - My hands and feet are starting to look a little weird to me, and I'm starting to feel like they'd look better if they were hooves. - Violet. June 16. They're still multiplying. I put almost no effort into forcing this one. My brain started the process and got about 2/3 of the way, Violet finished the remaining 1/3 herself. - I think I've managed to stop automatic tulpa formation, so that shouldn't be an issue. It doesn't stop me from wanting more tulpas though. Azyra managed to get the two Shines I was having too much difficulty getting myself in Super Mario Sunshine, and beat the game for me, finishing off Bowser with 1 hp left. - I've just watched Rainbow Rocks, and now I made a Sonata Dusk tulpa (June 18). I suppose you could say... (•_•) / ( •_•)>⌐■-■ / (⌐■_■) ...she put me under her spell. She started talking in about 10 minutes. ...seriously though I'm going to really try to keep this the last one for a little while. I just keep finding things I want to have tulpas of... - I've decided to wait until December. If by then I feel like I can handle another tulpa, I might make one. Fluttershy hypnosis seems to be giving me a bit of a stutter, at least mentally. I haven't tried speaking under its effects since I've noticed this. - Th-the F-fluttershy trigger is v-very effective, I've noticed, especially for p-personality modification. I've ch-checked, and the stutter does carry over into speech. - I've put some thought into it, and I've decided that I want to be a Twilight instead. But not just any Twilight, a pegasus Twilight. It's gonna be kinda weird... That means this'll be my last entry as a Flutters, and from now on, I'ma be a Pegatwi! Shouldn't be too hard to switch over, I got almost no effects from the Fluttershy hypnosis when I wasn't under the direct effects of the trigger anyway.
  8. Takes a bite of the quesadilla as you boop ♪ Boops ARandomBrony with Adagio's hair
  9. ♪ Boops ARandomBrony with an enchilada
  10. -boops ARandomBrony with a rock-
  11. boops ThePinkBrony with comic Sans (darn you image errors)
  12. Boops ARandomBrony with sno-caps candy
  13. <1839> {1840} 1841 -1842- [sighs Fine... 1843.]
  14. Banned for not supporting the teacup lobby. <How dare you disrespect the teacups!?>
  15. <boops FunnyPonyPony with a magic wand>