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  1. Boops Trixie with a changeling hoof and a fang filled smile.
  2. 1837. It does, because it was actually three different people.
  3. Banned for supporting the teacup lobby.
  4. Yep. I have no doubt that you can for example actually make yourself temporarily stronger by concentrating on the idea. There is an absolute limit to your strength, but it is about 40% above your normal limit. I've done the unicorn magic one. Fun. Weird feeling.
  5. And it works great! But every now and then, you idly get the idea to form a new tulpa. It happens before you realise your mistake. You eventually get more than fifty tulpas. I wish for unicorn powers.
  6. Your wish to be a time traveller has been granted, before you made it. Your corrupted reply is in the previous post. I wish for a fancy hat.
  7. Banned by the great and powerful Trixie!
  8. Wish granted. However, as a robot, you have no emotions, or desires, including the desire to be a robot. I wish for a flower garden.
  9. Hello there! Well, I don't think anypony can list all the risks. Different files, different risks. And some outcomes are good for some and bad for others, like hooflock. But a lot of the risks are listed in the readme first pages. There seem to be a lot of those. Here is one of them:
  10. Oh hey everyone!
  11. Is it okay to post here? Anyway, it seems that tulpas are really subjective and hard to describe, so it can be really hard to explain what it feels like. One of the best explanations for this is that it is experienced differently by different people. I'd say looking and the visual aspect of the experience will miss the important parts. It is like having someone else in your head, talking to you, reading your thoughts, and having different opinions from you. And you don't control it.
  12. Hello!
  13. Yes. But also no. Unless hooflock is something you can break just by pausing for a second and thinking "this is silly" Hypnosis is also not tricking yourself in all cases. I can't speak for all tulpas, but I think about tulpamancy as the product of imagination, but not imagination itself. Imagination could be seen as tricking yourself. Been there done that. Still looking into it though. Yes. But also no. Personality change can be a form of dissociation. Changes to perception can be a form of dissociation. A tulpa may not qualify as dissociation in their entirety. Usually they are more like a person than a dissociative event. But how? That would require having more than one mind in your head. The contract idea could work. But normally, tulpa stuff is handled in a more organic way, like a relationship between friends. The contract stuff is more common when working with servitors like the ones you mentioned (music playing construct, dream theatre ect...)
  14. Banned because hello.
  15. 1828 hello.