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  1. I am practically convinced that fire is being played with in the discord server. 

    I don't want to see people but I want to help them with a passion.

    But Alas, I can not change the truth of the Magick they refuse to see.

    How a Servitor is Made.


    How a Tulpa is made.


    Study the difference wisely. Know what a Possession is.


    I have done my part now I can only hope people will be wise.

    1. shadow_fox7777


      "I don't want to see people hurt."

  2. Yep I plan to, so where's the hotel key?
  3. Nice to meet you Nox Celum I look forward to getting to better know your character.
  4. 1844 keep accidentally posting the wrong number via mobile
  5. Since it's now more customary and I have been around a few days now on the discord app seems Time to make a spot here's arrived. So In short Hi everyone, including those I have yet to meet. If you have questions nows the post I can awnser them in. Also I saw you Sans person in the corner over there >.> I'm making dolls of your charter!!. *PS* I'm sometime very random and spontaneous. XD
  6. If you want to know more about me I'm open to pm's I would be glad to meet other members more personally on the site and on Discord. I'm also willing to exchange information about magick and my point of view on the subjects as well.

    1. shadowheart666


      super taco attack!!!

    2. shadow_fox7777


      Ohhh really *Counters with Undertale Toriel Pie*