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  1. Can you please put me in Fluttershy it's fine if it's to much trouble though I don't want to bother anyone thank you and sorry.
  2. Honestly I didn't like this episode it didn't make any sense a lot of the jokes were repeated or just fell flat the moral again was a repeated one I found the breezies more terrifying and annoying then cute also the plan of turning themselves into breezies really didn't make any sense considering they only added 6 extra breezies to the group when they couldn't stay together when there were thousands of them. On top of that Fluttershy's key or special item is strange what if she forgets to water it and take care of it and it dies can they no longer open the box? I don't know sorry I am so harsh on this episode I just did not like it at all.
  3. Oh my I'm really sorry um...again I am really sorry I don't what to say to try and help in these situations um...I-I hope you do get better it is clear this community would miss you and personally I didn't know you very well but I would love to sorry I'm bad at this.
  4. I hope you start feeling better soon sorry you have been having a stressful time.
  5. No problem It should be made.
  6. Oh yah that would help Justice a script that helped you tap into yourself and find out who you truly are and which pone you can relate I the most with all the changing that is going on lately I bet it would be useful a lot of people
  7. I'm sorry you are feeling stressed but at least you are have good resorts I can't say I ever dealt the same thing as you mostly because I was already a vegetarian way before hypno still... Hope you start feeling better.
  8. Well mine is simple Guthrie is my last name and already I am called Guthrie or Guth a lot and I sort of ring to it. When I grow up I want to be a vet so that is where I got the Dr part or my name so finally when I was very very little that the most original username would be my own name so DrGuthrie I like how it looks and the sort of ring to it sorry about talking about myself to much.
  9. Thank you it is drawn by a artist named swampyfish they are very talented but sadly not super popular.
  10. I agree I very much enjoy reading your messages Celestia they are filled with wise words and excellent advice thank you.
  11. That looks very nice I like it a lot. Way to go
  12. I love your answer for this question and I agree with it 100% and I try to teach that shyness is not a bad thing no matter how much people like to put bad lights on it. In fact I don't know if shyness is the best term sorry I prefer introverted better just because of the way people use them. Shyness is often seen as a condition or a excuse where as introverted is a choice I withdraw from a social situation that makes you uncomfortable which in a lot of cases from most introverted people is all the time. It is a choice to be yourself even though yourself may be more reserved then others. I do understand however how it can be hard to be like this in this very social world of ours so I know there are a few times that situations would be easier if you can just overcome the introversion. In that case just like Celestia said small steps but you shouldn't feel pressured by the people around you to change who you are so it is easier for them. If you are struggling with this problem or just want to know more I suggest reading "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking" by Susan Cain she has many good points and allows you to look into this feeling a lot more and maybe find out a little more about yourself. I hope I added to this question I feel like I might have just sort of repeated Celestia sorry.