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  1. Anyone else here find all the endings? Or get bamboozled by the game at some point? What's your two cents on it? I personally enjoyed the disco.
  2. In a recent thread of mine, there were some good script ideas brought up, mainly a "seeker script" to help find one's true self. Another idea was a script to find which pony you are. On top of this I've had a few ideas myself recently such as a thread to help one establish a wonderland to assist with tulpa forming, or perhaps even a script to help one form a tulpa.  Having recently started forming a tulpa myself I've found one of the more difficult parts of it is establishing and maintaining a wonderland. perhaps I've been going about it the wrong way but a friend of mine who is also trying to form a tulpa is having a lot of difficulty with the wonderland part, so I was thinking perhaps a script where a wonderland is described, either vaguely or in detail, may be beneficial. as for the other ideas, I'm not sure where one would begin.
  3. heck, if someone who knows what they're doing is willing to write/make a basic script for it I'd make it. I just don't know where to start.
  4. behold the glory that is a symphonic metal opera.
  5. this is true, this is true. Let me know when there's a script in need of a voice. I have enough audio gear to start a small studio so I can, with ease, get a file done.
  6. well if there are pending scripts that don't already have voices, let me know because I can take a whack at them.
  7. I can sympathize with that last bit.
  8. I'm more traditional here, bare ground, back straight, fingertips together in my lap. I live in Canada and in the winter my room suffices, but in the summer there's a nice little grove of bushes near where I live that I like to sit in under the moonlight. I usually burn some Nag Champa (spelling?) incense as it helps me relax. If I'm indoors I usually put on a good meditation track, my favourite being The Heart of Reiki by Merlin's Magic but when I am outdoors I don't use any music.
  9. hmm, well i suppose this one is the only username i put any meaning into. I'm no hard drug advocate but i have dabbled in... recreational mind expansion from time to time, and the name came to me on one said adventure when I was trying to describe to a friend what it felt like to be on acid* (only done it once and that night was... eventful to say the least). The phrase stuck with me afterwards and I decided it described that state, as well as a few others I like to achieve.  The premise of it is there are three definitive 'thought states' that I have discovered, one i mentioned above (don't do acid kids, it's heavy stuff), my normal one, and the... serene trance (hard to describe) that I can achieve through meditation. The two... altered states of mind have helped me piece together things about myself that I wouldn't have found otherwise. *I by no means am suggesting you try drugs or that I advocate them, I'm simply being honest. I will not discuss them here past the above statement, but will answer questions outside of this forum.
  10. I realize that approved file uploads are rigorously scrutinized to make sure nothing harmful is in them, however I was wondering if there was a blank script that could be used (after getting it checked over by the right folks) for OC scripts. I would be willing to write and voice these, but I have no idea where to start.