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  1. Wowie! Lots of really coolio stories in here! Well, Mine is fairly simple. I just don't really know who I am so far. All I know is that I am Somepony and that Somepony is just who I am. It is also due to the fact that I (I am not sure about this but don't really want to find out for realsies either way) think I have multiple personalities (Which is kinda different from tulpas I think...) and since my personality changes and grows all the time and with every interaction so I decided to go simple and just be Somepony. Some day I shall find out who I truely am! *Continues nomming the everlasting lollipop*
  2. Awww... That... That is horrible... Oh Hasbro, why? Dx Only other thing I can add would be this.
  3. This is so fantabulous! Thank you so much for sharing! I can say that I am part of the 2%! ^o^ Hurray for Pinkies! That is so cool how you calculated and did all of those silly math thingies and then you made this awesome picture thingy! That is so cool! Now back to stuffing my muzzle with popycorns.
  4. I'll join Pinkie! Thankies! ^o^ Also, this new fourm looks amazing! (Done by Filly)
  5. Ahh! Super Civilized pony in in my room! Stranger danger! Stranger Daaaaanger!!!! So how are you doing?
  6. Heyo everypony! I am Somepony and I make little Graphics! They can be anything from Desktop Backgrounds to Signatures or Avatars! to Signatures or Avatars! [align=center]Recent Graphics[/align] [align=center]Raresies[/align] [align=center]JusticeNight[/align] [align=center]Brightstar[/align] [align=center]Pinkie Sweetie Wallpaper[/align] [align=center]Currently Working on...[/align] [align=center]Soarin Tulpa banner/Signature![/align] Green Means You may request and Red means the Shop is currently down due to too many projects or my being super duper busy. To request just leave a reply using this: Type of Graphic: Size (may vary): Ponies: Images: Text: Notes?: Or you can just do it without that.   Whatever works.
  7. Just Barely Finished Making this. ^o^
  8. Wah! How... Um... How are you miss Silly looking pony? 
  9. Hayyy! Your from Digimon, I think...? How are YOU doing?
  10. Thunderlane? What are you doing here? Were you planning a surprise party, but then got too tired and this was the only bed in town because all of the other beds got taken away by a silly alien and so this was the only place you could sleep in all of equestria? Or did you try to make cupcakes but fell asleep in the process and Mr. or Mrs. cake bring you up here? Or am I just rambling? Who knows? Find out in the next exiting episode of, "The Power Ponies!".  
  11. Am I the only one that listens to pony music almost 24/7? :s