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  1. Thank you for giving us a chance. See you all in the world of Equestria. In the next lifetime. I'm not dying yet, so it'll be a while. Enjoy your lives and look towards the future.
  2. I left for a good reason.
    I thought I'd return for the better, but it seems the past still follows me as if it's all my fault.
    I still feel guilty for not being able to help or do anything.

    There's still a clutch in my heart that holds me so whenever I enter places.

    Here I am, still secretly building a path with everything I could. It is better to build it in privacy, rather than to build it publicly.

    As a lost soul myself, I hope everyone who were lost would find a way.

    1. Fluttershy³


      I don't think you should feel guilty for not being able to help others. Sometimes, it just isn't possible, and you need to let them find things out by themselves. I can't stop you nor others from building their path in any certain direction, nor influence that direction either, but I can and will wish you good luck, wherever it may lead you.

    2. Greta[DawnStar]


      I agree with Vaporeon. And who knows, perhaps it's supposed to happen like it happened.

      Though feeling guilty won't help. You don't need to feel that way, you really did nothing wrong.


      This is your home, if you feel that way, and no one here blames you. We're all your friends.


      Anyway, best of luck.

  3. *small sigh* Looks around. Is it a good time to come back now I suppose?

    1. Dashie


      Well hello! 

    2. Redbow Rose{Twilight}

      Redbow Rose{Twilight}

      I think it's always a good time

    3. WispyDaydream[Shade]


      Come back please... Please..?

      Sorry for the lack of an explanation. Just, even though I'm not around much, I've heard about you and I wanna meet you.

  4. In the heart of this one lost pony, and countless of others. Souls of balance, truth and harmony... Please help us all find a way to bring us all back together. As this one spirit holds, a prayer of wanting to find a way back. Please help me find the time, to write, to voice, the tell, a spell to recover everyone's path. I hope towards the skies you find this lonely prayer, one that is of pure heart. I am a star bound pony. Calling out to the guiding star of harmony. The stars and connections once were, to guide me back where I belong. I scream my heart out. Please help me find the time, the courage to return and hope for a new life to unfold. - Formerly the lost princess Luna " We know you want friends who admire you You want to be the guide shines all the way through But there's a better way, there's a better way There's so much more still left to Learn about yourself See the light that shines in you We know you can be somepony else You can stop right now And try another start You'll finally free yourself from the dark And see the light And see the light of your cutie mark "
  5. I may be too late but I bid you good luck Frinkle. I'm sorry I wasn't there to see you off. I hope you take care. You are a strong person and I hope you be well during the training. I know we haven't talked and I feel terrible for it. But when you return, expect a lovely hug. See you when you're back!
  6. It's been a while since I've seen you around and I'm sorry about the bad things that happened in the past. Either way, forgive and forget right? Well, I am certainly looking forward to this journal and willing to guide when I can. Good luck in your endeavors.
  7. 2015 Debriefing 2015 admitting is a mixed bag of results as we have seen. So many has changed, so quickly, so fast. Plenty of things could've taken much more better. This is on my side, and well... what I have experienced. To some of us it's a devastating year, for some of us it is the year of discovery. But for most of us, it has been silent, lost, lonely. Perhaps confused on our actions. At least, that is what it has been for me. I've been scared most of the time of the year. Not even approaching my old friends. I didn't want to sound like I had a motive... even though I did not. I escaped to calm down, from stress, from drama and more. I took a break from everything. Even if it meant losing contacts, friends and even my duty here in Hypnoponies. With it also came the consequences in real life... It may not be caused by emotions or by a human but by natural occurrences. Typhoons, earthquakes, sinkholes, death of my relatives, losing many important items and places. Everything, digital or real life seems to hit me with everything, every blow and every shot at me. Losing everything and once also, my consciousness. But in all of those, it taught me much more. It taught me to approach, to be confident, to be motivating... To be strong amidst of all the darkness and loneliness. I may have lost almost everything I have... my connections, my friends... And yet I still stay strong and hope everything will be okay. With every loss comes with knowledge. Knowing that "it too shall pass"... I kept on standing up. I kept on searching and searching to where should I be next. And best yet, I kept my own promise. And so, with it... I strive, even if I was blind to see what was next. To everything that happened to me this year... I thank everyone. It might be unorthodox but... it's the better action. Instead of looming in the past, be angry, be suspicious, and be caught in an emotional turmoil. For now I will forgive everyone... everypony. I want to be set free of the shackles of the past. I will forget. The past is past, we cannot change the past but we can change the future. Even if it meant losing myself, I know it's just another cycle. But now... 2014 may be the practice... 2015 may be the warm up... But now... 2016 will be the year of action. This past year gave me a chance to change. A radical change I never thought I had to go through. I had to learn a lot, and it seems I still have to learn a bit more. And now, here we go. We now start 2016. And may 2016 be the year of wonderful change. And thank you for the year 2015.
  8. I will split this journal in to a few pieces containing some thoughts over the wholeday. A year's gone by... A reason lost... Hello everypony. Sorry if I may seem to ramble on at this journal... I'm tired and I think it's the best to say whatever floods my thoughts here. I guess my entries aren't as interesting as they were aren't they? I look back in the year and I'm going to be honest... I didn't perform great. As if the year whisked by so fast that I didn't even notice... I didn't even do much. Sure the year had it's high points but the rest... it felt... dull, negative... stressing... I often times doubt about my appearance, my struggles, my accomplishments... To me, everything felt like an internal battle... I've already lost everything once this year... I thought to myself that this will be a good year but... it wasn't. Emotional struggles, inner demons and all. It felt... lonely... dark... depressing... A heart could only hold so much. But most of all... I was longing so much... what I'm searching... it's... well... Company Back then, I always had someone and something to come back to. A reason. I felt like I had a purpose, a will... But now... It just seems that I just start without continuing and it seems to repeat on and on. No one to help... no power to continue... no motivation. All my actions felt like thin air, I didn't have any support. No one carrying... no one caring... no movement. Gone. I feel like I lost it all... like... it's all gone. I lost the reason.. the motivation... Like everything I had was stripped away like that. After I felt like that, fights in front of my started to happen, breaking my heart more. Slowly... I lost everything I once had, my power, my self-control, my confidence, my will... I felt less and less... weaker and weaker. Until one day I fainted, landed on the ground with a near deadly heart attack. To be honest, now that I woke up... I feel lost, and so gone. Losing everything I had... I long to find that reason again... And right now... I still am. ... I still am. - Luna Going with a feeling... flowing in the sea of time... Hello... I can't sleep and I want to write my thoughts down... For the rest of the year I felt missing... following only going with a hunch... a feeling. One that never left me for some reason. I felt like a dummy being thrown around until one day... I started to feel things again. One that was familiar to me and curiosity of it grew and grew. The more I approached, the more I felt different. It was related to the four ponies of "Our Town". I wanted to explore... and more... a bond, a connection. For a while I was acting, I was... pretending. Lost... just answering, basing on the knowledge I had. I was hiding, afraid and all. But now this new feeling... I wanted to pursue it. Something tells me I should be, I had to be. Slowly then I started seeing things... feelings things. I started looking and following it. Thus I started this "Student of Luna" project. Hoping someone would get the message and try as well. Finding why they feel but cannot remember anything... nothing much to base. As soon as I started, I felt open again. It felt.. nice. Welcoming. I need to stop hiding now. And maybe perhaps this time... I will return back to where I belong. The once well known and appreciated pony you all known before... I want to show you ponies who I really am. (Note: Season 5 spoilers, the lyrics reflect my feelings) -Luna A message from my thoughts. As now I'm looking through the forums... posts... profiles... almost close to sleep for now... I want to let you know that I'm here, looking, seeing. Don't be afraid to approach and open up. Let that feeling that you hide so much create the path you want to take. Let your heart take you to where you are then and now. Open the line that connects you and to your choice. Take the opportunity it gives, Find connections, find similarities. Find the line that creates the path between you and many more Take it, grab it. And proceed to your calling. A message from my mind - Luna It may not make sense at first but the more you realize, the more you understand.
  9. I think she meant Rara as Coloratura.
  10. I was about to write two more topics but I'll save it tomorrow, I am tired.

  11. I shall be writing something interesting for you ponies to read later when I awake. For now, rest.

    1. Dashie


      Have a good sleep, Princess. 

  12. Well now, I've been gone for a few days and that's quite a lot to read.

    I do not have time to reply though. Just letting you ponies know that I've read your entries and journals.

    I find it quite interesting.

  13. In my case, I end up doing what Bright does as well but also when going up stairs when nopony is moving. Meanwhile, I also imagine the movements while standing. Sometimes, imposing a pony body over my own like controlling two bodies at the same time.
  14. Sometimes I cringe when somepony answer a question directed to me.
    I stop writing entirely and write an ellipsis instead to express my disappointment.

    1. Fluttershy³


      Ouch. I understand completely.