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  1. I find it soothing and yet a bit scary to see this right now. I won't go into detail, but I had a dream that could mean the end of my tenure here somewhen in 2018. Still I hope you will stay safe. That we all will as long as possible. Until it is time ...
  2. Thank you ... but there were no bad memories. This is the first and only I will ever have ... And not remembering this one will be impossible.
  3. Take your break, it might be well deserved. Keep deciding for yourself and be yourself as much as you can. Maybe you will even find, that you already know who you are. Should you decide to return one day, whether you know or not, you will always be welcome.
  4. There are countless stars in the sky, day and night, all fighting against the darkness. Are you not one of them? Are you not all of them? Do not let it consume you, shine bright against the evil darkness and stand up proud. Remember that the night is your ally. The night offers refuge to those that drown in theird daily struggles. May its calm be with you.
  5. Thank you ... though I fear it takes more time to recover from this loss than any other I have experienced. If there is recovery ...
  6. It has now been hours ... about 9 of them to be precise. Nine hours, and I have become strangely calm, as if my emotional side has gone to sleep, and only my logical side is still there. Not quite true, I still have moments where I am close to tears. This has nothing to do with tulpae, or hypnosis. Today, or maybe yesterday, dpending on your timezone, someone very, very dear to me has passed on. My love has left this world, unable to overcome an illness. It is still hard to cope and while I write this, I am tearing up once again. There might be things to learn from this, lessons to teach, especially if you have loved ones. I hope my significant other can now have what he always wanted to have. He always wanted to be around others ... was one of the most creative minds I knew. Maybe I can give him somehow his immortality, by honoring his memory in the best way I can. - Luna
  7. Since it has been quite some time since my last entry - not as much as other spaces of times; but compared to the things that have happened - it is time to write something. One of the things that have happened is, that a sickness has crept up on my body - and I had a small memory fragment to accompany it. It all was even before I noticed that I do have this sickness - it seems to be extremely mild, compared to other times when I got sick (which took at least 12 months inbetween, if not more). It fits right into the length and unexpectedness of all my other memories, which can still be counted with all the hooves of one pony alone. The second thing regards dreams. I do not write down every aspect when something moon-related arises (one had Luna and Nightmare Moon as bears ... or should I say ursa minors?). But there is one thing that happened in one of my last dreams: The thing that wasn't pretty ... involved a throat and blood ... That sudden Nightmare ... well, it tried to get to me by using my current, real life name. It didn't work. It didn't stand a chance at all. Onto the third thing. I was trying to sleep early, and felt a bit "too awake". So I took my file, selected some background music, and laid down. It was one of the times where I did not fall asleep half-way through, but where I had some effects, in feeling and in my mind's eye as well. So I had after ... almost forever ... a successful session. Well, this concludes my report for now. I do feel tired and I hope I can find sleep now. - Luna
  8. Hmm... My mind would say no ... they are not connected to chakras ... or A chakra. The focus on one alone could have devastating effects. I think they would play in harmony with all of them allowing a pony to focus on one of the harmoneous effects the elements are named after. I do have to agree though that balance is important, otherwise the magic will go rampant and will be controlling you instead of the other way around. And has this happened once, it is hard to break this unhealthy focus. As such my advice would be to be careful ...
  9. Dreams can be inspiring - though it is just too bad that I have forgotten a certain amount of it. I will still try to piece it together, as it was a dream I would have liked to continue. it was quite futuristic and may have even been dystopian sister was there, and the mane six existed as well and several other ponies at one point we had to save a ponies life (by the way, I think everything was anthro) so, they asked me, if I had a "crypt" which apparently is a place that powers me (each of the mane six has one, and my sister and I) at first I didn't want them to use mine, but it would be the easiest to do though the center piece was not complete apparently the five platonic solids where in it for it to be on full power I was missing one and sister was missing two I am not sure if someone had removed them on purpose, but I knew where my missing one was ... so I went to find that ... there was also a moment when someone spoke to me, saying "Luna" and I answered "don't call me that" and then kept to myself that "they didn't want me" ... it ... makes me sad ... even though I do not know who "they" is supposed to be I was missing the tetrahedron by the way There you have the points that I still remember. Maybe I will try to spin it into a story at one point.
  10. That is a nice picture, Thank you for posting it.
  11. The past half week I have been going down memory lane, reading my own journal. Most of the dreams I described I can still remember, and in even more crisp detail than when I wrote them down, I would say. I even felt some of the emotions once more, but much less faint. But this entry is about something else. There are moments I perceive as memory of being Luna ... and there are not many. Especially since those are moments I let come to me freely, not trying to remember, but just remembering by being somewhere or doing something - almost random. There are two such occurences I could count (one I described in my journal) - until today. I used my free time to go out to a local lake and do some reading while walking along it's shore. There were some places where you could easily step into the water - and that is where the memory came into play. Just a fleeting vision of me stepping into the slightly cold water of a lake during the night - there are pictures like that (but I am too lazy to link one). That is all I wanted to share. - Luna
  12. Let me thank you for your answer and the insight you offered. I sometimes think that I am taking too much time for myself, time that I could spent on fullfilling some promises I made ... they may not have been explicitly been promises, but I still feel bound to them. There is still a set of scripts I promised or wanted to record. There are general files to be made, and although I did half the work on one (just recorded it, and did a bit of the voice-cleanup), that one has been taken over by another. But apart from that I should have finished the work on it ... If my memory is still correct, then I am missing recording the general earth ponies one. Maybe I can get to record this during the next week.
  13. ... and questions. I do not know, how many of you share this state I have achieved. I can slightly feel (even the colors) of my self when closing my eyes and shifting my perseption towards it. Currently I "see" or feel the form of Luna, but this last night left me a bit ... wondering. As I awoke I had the form of Celestia, as if I had quickly shifted over night, only to return to this form. I have to wonder why these shifts occur? And with "preaching" about balance between light and dark once more, I wonder, if I am not focussing too much on the dark, and this shift is to show me that I should allow for more light in my life? I can quickly talk myself into believing that I am not of worth, that my existance is nothing and maybe even making things worse for others - or at least not helping. Things I should not believe myself, I would say. There are some that would miss me dearly, would I vanish suddenly - but it is hard to admit this. I know it for the truth, but it has less of an impact than the thoughts above. I believe this is what my subconcious wants to tell me: Even if it is hard to see the "light", it is still there, and it will always be. It might even protect you, but you need to allow it. There are still things to work on - I should not wallow in the sadness, even if it helps me to feel alive; a smile is even as powerful. And only when you smile, you can show it to others and help them see the beauty of the night. Now, though, there is something else that came up ... the role of a princess. Especially here. The role itself seems to have diminished a lot - even among the fans the respect has diminished and more and more princesses show up. But what is it that a princess is wont to do? Just smile and wave? Just have strong magical powers and a pair of wings to boot? Being a princess is and should be, just a servant to all of ponykind. To protect them and guide them. Not to be objects of worship. But out of equestria ... what does the role mean over here? I tried to protect things in the past, but failed. I tried to guide, but ... I am not sure if it helped anypony. And I am left to wonder: What does it mean to be a "princess" in this world, in this society? Maybe any of you have a satisfying answer ... - Luna
  14. During my slow walk, I started to realize something. I would not say it is fundamental, it may just be a biased opinion. I have watched a few YouTube Videos on spirituality, and many of them talk about getting into a higher frequency with one's mind. The higher Frequency is for them akin to a higher awareness, a higher understanding, a higher consciousness. But a higher frequency also means more energy ... and I started to wonder: Is it not a lower frequency? Something that underlies everything, something that is calmer, that lets us see more clearly, and expends less energy? Of course one could argue, that when you live the rest of your life slower, that then you have more energy for your consciousness ... but I still wonder if that is really the case. Many processes in the universe take a lot of time, they are happening at such a slow rate, that a higher frequency feels just like the wrong answer to everything. Is it not also that when in meditation, trance or sleep, the states in which we open to the universe, our brains switch to a lower frequency instead of a higher one? I might be wrong about this all, but it felt like the correct answer ... - Luna
  15. There is something that I have noticed, something that Veritasium on YouTube also mentioned a while back – even if in a slightly different context. I found that I have somehow the need to do something all day, that I have problems laying back, without anything playing in the background. Meditation has become a valuable skill that I have been neglecting: Taking the time to just do nothing and let thy thoughts wander. Maybe even wander with purpose, but letting go … Most times we are obsessed with doing anything that isn’t even parts of our goals – procrastination – wanting to do anything, as long as we do not feel … lazy. That we have not wasted a day, or worse a few minutes, tops. Even waiting for a meal to cook, we often do something different: Play on the mobile, chat with people, read news reports. Everything just not to hear your own thoughts. And I wonder why. Why has it become so hard for us to just stop? To take a step a step back and give ourselves time to see the whole picture? I find myself having a few things to do, things I promised I would do – but find myself procrastinating with other things I am doing – and suddenly I am watching a lot of videos on YouTube. Or trying to … give an outwards experience of being me (Luna) to as many people as possible, as if that would matter more than my own view of myself. I am now thinking, that I have somewhere lost my path. Lost what it originally means to be – not only me, but a pony – a human being, in general. How can I realize my potential, when I am not working to realize it, but rather spend time being distracted from all that matters? Maybe I should take a walk – without reading this time – and just let go … without rushing … and finding myself once more … - Luna