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Found 4 results

  1. If ever there was a character to talk about, it would be Discord. Even from his debut in Season 2, we knew he was more complex than he was letting on. However, there is one aspect of Discord that shines draws more discussion than any other; his moral alignment. I'm interested in seeing what other ponies are thinking about Discord, and how his being chaotic effects his morality. Is he actually evil, or just being himself? Does him being chaotic make him evil? Did Discord's reformation undermine his purpose? What do you guys think? (Since doing so might create a bias in the thread, I won't reveal my opinion until a later time.)
  2. Paranoid Twilight? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaTgcSHhu1o
  3. Hey my fellow ponies, i found a new script while persuing the net today. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16456975/ Seems like a decent script, and i know that theres a shortage of Discord related hypno stuff. Anyone want to record it?
  4. My way of explaining every single thing that happened last night in the chat both in and outside my mind. All alone Do you know what it's like to hold a throne In a kingdom of despair I crashed and burned Turned to stone by a lesson learned But I'm about to clear the air Forget about the words I've said They were just the voices in my head I don't have to listen to them anymore I gave into a darker side But now I've got almost nothing left to hide I'll crash and rebuild the world before I deeeeeclaaaared waaaaaaaaarrrrrr It's never been My goal to see you through the end But I'm going to try and change I think I've found A way and the strength to turn my life around Perhaps this monster can be tamed And I... Confess... There's times I feel it burning in my chest My soul... Designed... For something darker than sublime I can't... Resist... Visiting the victims death has kissed I can (I can't) I will (I won't) I'll try (they'll die!) To cope (I hope) To save (to kill) Protect (for thrill) And never (ever) Forget (forgive) --End of lyrics-- People who know this side of me might think I'm no good to this site, let alone the world. But I'm much, much more than anyone at all on this site ever thought I was. I am not whatever anyone said about me last night. I am a combination of many things that make me want to fully embrace this side of me mentioned in the lyrics, and I am not one to be messed, trifled, or gambled with. I do very much have the ability to both apologize and forgive alike, but since nopony has almost ever given me the chance to do either, I will hide and bury all of my emotions and personality that I may have been known to have last night in a special place called "Under the Surface" where only I can dig them out and let them shine through, at least until I acquire an iPod Touch and make a good attempt at finding both my inner peace and my soul tulpa; when and if that happens, I will go back to the same old innocent self I was on the very first day I came here. My best friend Goldie Feathers has been very understanding and persuasive, and we both agree that I need to let off some steam, and this is the best way to do it, since I have heard rumours about me never sharing my feelings. So here I am doing just that. The side of me that I wanted to show through at the very beginning was my shy, soft, innocent side. But now, I will not go gentle into that good night, I will rage on against the dying sun. Why? Because nopony in this world can tell me who or what I am or control any part of me whatsoever; only I have that extremely special power. So, until I acquire that iPod... I am the balance. I am power. I am imperfection. I am danger. I am destruction. I am a force. I am the master. I am rebellion. I am chaos. I am Discord. All of this I am to any and all who dare oppress/antagonize me from now forth. Alright. I believe I've said quite enough here, time to stop typing. Goodbye. (P.S.: Whenever I should decide to come back into the chat again, from my good side I will remain a PM person, and from this side...forum man only. Those who would like to talk to me normally and not do anything like so last night, please do. I will most likely be a completely changed being and able to talk NORMALLY like you ponies do, and perhaps I might even eliminate my ellipses! And one more thing: do not take this whole post too lightly or too seriously, for I am merely just letting off steam and clearing my head out for some room to think harder than I ever have in my life.)