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Found 5 results

  1. Update, 03/23/17: File completed and released. Redirect link...
  2. Progress Update: (10/3/16) File completed and released: https://hypnoponies.net/index.php?/topic/7342-derpy-hooves-read-thread-before-using/
  3. Progress Update: (5/6/16) File completed and released: https://hypnoponies.net/index.php?/topic/7117-daring-do-read-thread-before-using/
  4. I am trying to find the rest of the files because I don't see files like Generic Bat pony or Generic Earth pony. I can only find one generic file on a Generic Unicorn.
  5. Hello everypony I'm sorry that I haven't been posting very often I've been very busy working on some custom file which you may or may not heard of. I'm making this post to help everypony understand exactly what I am doing and to try and reduce the amount of PM's I get from ponies asking to join the testing group Now Without further ado, What Are They? The custom file is an assortment and combination of many file of the already available files that can be found here with the addition of heavy modification and new powerful binaurals. The current file that you may have heard of is known privately as "The Journey File", this file is designed to help advance a ponies progress in the physical effects of the files. This is achieved through a powerful prolonged trance state caused by an altered induction file, the user is then exposed to many lengths of long binaural frequencies designed to alter one's consciousness therefore allowing the files easier access to it. Essentially the custom file is enabling the user to not only be able to be affected by the files more but to also enhance the users ability to visualize and psychically feel what is being described. Can I have it? Currently all the completed files are in very early stages and are going through a selected testing group to ensure maximum safety upon proper use as well as to provide feedback to allow myself to better the file before release. When Can I Have it? Currently the files are still being tested and changes are pending (possible custom voice work, rewritten script, shortened length). At this point there is no clear time when the files will be released, however you can be sure that they will have all been heavily tested prior to your use. Is This Allowed? Originally the file was only designed for my personal use. though after the first use I noticed how well it worked so I made a version for my great friend TwinkiePinkie. The feedback was so strong that I knew that the files could not be kept private. I contacted the administrators as I made the files for many of the different ponies and have so far been given the ok though they are not liable for any harm done while using the file (note: many of the current Administrators have used and provided very positive feedback on the current versions of the files). Will The File be Customizable? While not much can be said about the files themselves, there will be many options for each different pony allowing you the exact experience you are looking for. But I Want it Now! As I have noticed the increasing demand for a public release I have decided to allow a little sneak peak at the current induction used for the files. This is not final and may be subject to change but it should paint a pretty good picture as what to expect once the files are released. Link to Induction: Click here for link Any more questions? Leave them in the comments section and I'll do my best to answer all of them